So here is today’s efforts..


I did my first attempt of c25k of the year I didn’t quite do as well as I would of liked but the effort is there and yes it does say 20 mins as I didn’t include the warm up and cool down.. I’ve also started a 30 day challenge of 5 different exercises which I’m aiming to do after my runs which will hopefully be 3 times a week so on effect it will be a 3 day a week challenge ha.

My running is awful but hoping it will improve massively if I stick with it..

So here it is proof of day one…

9 thoughts on “So here is today’s efforts..

  1. Day one is the hard one!! You will be amazed at how quickly you improve!! Really well done!
    Also…oooh wall sit challenge crazy but interesting 🙂

    • Yes very feeling good for it though as I do there and eat some fruit watching BGT think it has a knock on effect

      Yeah it’s random I’m rubbish my dad tried it and was there for over 2 mins hahah bless him he’s trying to support me but he’s just showing me up!

      • Knock on effect is right 🙂 once you start it is a landslide to healthy! Or possibly a gentle saunter 🙂
        I think my crazy squat challenge has probably improved my wall sits…I did 1min the other day…I might look at it for my next months challenge 😀

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