Hair Loss

For the last couple of months I have noticed my hair has started falling out so I went to the doctors; The doctor requested blood tests and after getting results he has put it down to weight loss. When you are overweight and your doctor requests blood tests to check everything including your thyroid, glucose and vitamins etc… it can be a nerve wrecking wait, I am glad to say his exact words were ‘your blood tests came back and everything was perfectly fine’ hence his diagnosis to the weight loss (something about carbolic or something the opposite to body building… He also told me not to worry there is a very slim chance I will become the next Gail Porter? (and then referred he was showing his age, probably because I just looked at him blankly). So yeah losing weight isn’t all that brilliant….

7 thoughts on “Hair Loss

  1. This is worrying!

    I have heard that hair loss is a common side effect of weight loss if it is associated with eating disorders disorders (I am not suggesting you have one of those by the way!). I have just googled it and apparently it is also common for weight losses of over 15lbs…and grows back on its own. it also said it can be associated with lack of protein so make sure you are getting enough protein 🙂

    I hope it sorts its self out!!

    also…how can you not know who Gail Porter is?? Is that an age thing? blimey!

    I lose hair all the time…if falls out blooming every where…it has my whole life. Oddly there never seems to be any less of it!!

    • yeah to be honest it’s really knocked me back, I take multivitamins and iron and hair skin and nails and the doctor said that was good and to carry on what I am doing in that sense. I think the only relationship to eating disorders I have is the opposite – I love food! I’m 30lb down so that would seem relevant. I am not exaggerating when I say I have lost more than about 40% of my hair it’s nearly halved in thickness luckily I had a lot of hair and I did used to shed quite a lot anyway but it is literally coming out in clumps and I know it’s not down to the health of my actual hair because it isn’t snapping. I am going to google Gail Porter now although it could upset me further haha

      • Get on the protein thing (lean protein) because I read that sometimes when doing exercise/losing weight the body diverts proteins to other uses. relatively high protein can’t hurt just don’t over do it 🙂
        I am not surprised it has knocked you back…I think it would me, because much as I joke about wanting less hair (I am a hair monster!) I don’t think I really would!

        the other thing the websites said was that it normally grows back on its own. so I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

        concentrate on a healthy balanced diet and not restricting colories too much and I am sure you will be ok

      • I pretty much live off chicken but will make it more of a thing now to watch my protein intake, I know its used in exercise to repair isn’t it?
        Yeah I’m exactly the same I complain about my hair but honestly now I’m cherishing every strand! Please could you send me the link to the website?
        Thank you x

  2. More protein and nutrients into your food my friend! Many people who are losing weight, just purely focus on the weight loss instead of the other aspects that make a healthy life. Your hair will be one of the areas that will be reminding you that perhaps, eating a bit more diversely or just plain more might be a better option.

    Though… if you prefer to keep eating the way you have, I’d recommend adding a supplement for your hair and nails – can ask your local drug store/pharmacy what they’d suggest, just to make sure you are getting the right amount of the right stuff for your hair!

    • In regard to supplements I have been taking multi vitamins and iron as well as hair skin and nails and the doctor told me to carry on with this but I have done this for over a year now. Maybe I am lacking protein but I seem to live off chicken so I’m unsure I’m trying to lead a healthy life I just feel as though if it isn’t one thing it’s another.

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