Week 35…

it’s a maintain; slightly disheartened but a new month is approaching so I feel as though it’s time to get focused… just ordered a couple of weightwatchers and slimming world cook books so I am going to try and get some more variation of meals into my life!


I’m finally back to 16st 13lb (the lowest I have been throughout this journey) and after the struggle I have had the past few weeks getting back down to it I intend to try my hardest to stay here.

I have my gym review tomorrow which I always finds help me refresh my gym motivation and on the diet side of things I am doing well, I might not be completely chocolate free but I have only had one bit since a week last Sunday – that is one hell of an achievement for me!

Hair Loss

For the last couple of months I have noticed my hair has started falling out so I went to the doctors; The doctor requested blood tests and after getting results he has put it down to weight loss. When you are overweight and your doctor requests blood tests to check everything including your thyroid, glucose and vitamins etc… it can be a nerve wrecking wait, I am glad to say his exact words were ‘your blood tests came back and everything was perfectly fine’ hence his diagnosis to the weight loss (something about carbolic or something the opposite to body building… He also told me not to worry there is a very slim chance I will become the next Gail Porter? (and then referred he was showing his age, probably because I just looked at him blankly). So yeah losing weight isn’t all that brilliant….

First maintain in 2015

Yep, I maintained. I have done super well all week I have gone 6 days without chocolate… YES 6! That is like a HUGE deal for me! I’m still under the 2 stone mark so I am keeping a positive head and hoping that the maintain was the remains of the weekend and this week will even itself out next week… living in hope with my random theories!

Week 32

put on 2lbs, gutted after my little victory last week but can’t dwell!

Have a good weekend people i will be spending mine in the gym and crying into some salad.

None Scale Victory!

This weekend as I was getting ready to head out for a few cocktails with a friend I came across a pair of nice trousers that I haven’t worn since August last year, when I wore them they were very tight and genuinely felt if I was to sit down in them I would rip them… I decided to give them another go and guess what? THEY FIT! Not only did they fit comfortably and had plenty of room around the thighs and waist; they slipped on with ease and I wore them proudly!

This is probably the most happiest little slimming victory I have had for a very long time so I felt the need to share it!

Have a good week folks!

February Goals

– lose a collective 5 inches off anywhere

– attend the gym at least twice a week

– drink two litres of water everyday – including weekends (that’s my downfall)

– get my BMI into the 40 range it is current 41.9

– use bio oil and moisturise more (I know this may sound strange but me and a friend have been talking about the effects of losing weight and i’m terrified of saggy skin so I guess this can only help matters… if anyone knows of any firming creams that actually work please let me know!)

Week 31…

and over I am 31 pounds lighter; meaning this weeks weigh in results are -1 pound.

I am also in the next stone bracket… the 16’s! I haven’t been this light since I went on holiday in May 2013! I intend on staying here too till at least March/April when i hit the 15’s 😉