Summer starts now…

Kind of. Last night I officially left college qualified in level 3 AAT, so that’s college done for the summer and not a whole year off as apparently I will be going back in September after all the nonsense I have had with student finance etc. I had got it into my head I was taking a year out and concentrating on myself which I was kind of looking forward to but if I can manage to get onto level 4 next year then I cant really refuse.

I’m in a pretty rubbish mood considering I should be over the moon I have passed etc but I just don’t know what is up with me. I have a feeling its to do with all these plans being up in the air. I like to be organised and have a plan of action but until uni results come through and I know for definite if I can enrol onto AAT next year I’m a bit ‘MEH’ which is the only way to describe how I feel right this moment. The one certainty is that I have until the end of August off college so m week nights are now pretty much available and I want to get back to the gym. I have 2 near full months to make big changes (body/health/fitness wise) so I need to grab this opportunity with both hands and start now!

Anyone sorry to bore you with my problems but just feel as though I needed to vent some of this mood, today I am going to try and make a bit of a plan gym/exercise/food wise to make me feel a bit more organised which may help me feel a bit happier.

Enjoy your day folks.