Productive weekend ahead..

In more than just diet and exercise wise,  I have a busy week planned in order to effectively ‘sort my life out’

In regard to exercise tonight I am going back to spinning for the first time in around 7 months, actually dreading the sore bum feeling I am going to suffer from for the rest of the weekend but it’s all for a good cause – fitness/health/weight.. you know the one! So spinning is on the agenda for tonight followed by Zumba tomorrow and maybe some weights in the gym, and aqua bootcamp and a good gym session on Sunday. You cant argue I am not putting enough effort in with the exercise malarkey.

I plan to sort all my clothes out and get rid of the majority of stuff that doesn’t fit to make some more wardrobe space and also sort my gym, work and normal clothes out into different places instead of me throwing things about in a hurry looking for stuff!

Also going to set up my WII, get myself on the zumba and dancing games.. Every little helps!

Sunday is also my food shopping day, have already prepared my meals again for next week! Not too different from last week but hopefully I can not forget anything so I don’t have to step foot in a shop throughout the week and be tempted by crème eggs!  Out of site out of mind is my motto of the week I think, see no crème eggs = want no crème eggs, see no ex boyfriend on facebook (because I have hid him from my newsfeed) = don’t think about ex boyfriend as much.. Comprende? Might even treat my car to bath and a hoover as I pass on the way to the supermarket; it is long overdue!

Feeling motivated and positive today, I know my results are a bit non existent at the moment and my work life balance isn’t all that great but I suppose you just got to make the most of it, I think these are those happy endorphins talking (apparently these happen when you exercise, I think they are happening). My mood has definitely lifted a bit and hope that this weekend is as productive as I hope.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and keep reaching them goals!