Still not 100% better!

Well I am on day 22 of this ill streak I have going on, don’t get me wrong I am approx. 80% better but the cough is still lingering and tiredness and headaches are also still apparent now and again oh and I have a blocked ear. I still haven’t been to the gym but yesterday I did go on a 5 mile country walk (this being probably the most exercise I have done in 3 weeks) it felt good to get out and have some proper fresh air and actually break a little sweat due to exercise (wading through mud is more hard work than I had ever anticipated) rather than just being ill. Here’s a few pics I took in the process.



Still tired today not aching or anything though which is good. I haven’t weighed myself since the last time I blogged but I haven’t been completely bad with my food habits so I hope not too much movement on the scales but will weigh myself this week and see what the outcome is.

I have been following someone on instagram who is following the weight watchers diet and it seems quite good, has anyone ever done this? if so could you give me a little review (how hard it is, is there much counting etc?) I have tried slimming world in the past and I was useless at it.