Off the rails..

I haven’t posted for a few days because I’m so ashamed. I have completely and utterly pigged out to my hearts content. My doctors app is fast approaching only 2 more days then hopefully the experts can work their magic on me. So nervous to get on the scales now, my weekend consisted of food from the Manchester xmas markets – lets face it not one healthy thing passed my lips that day apart from a bottle of water to wash all the food down. On Sunday my partner and I went out for Sunday lunch to celebrate me passing my exam last Thursday so yeah I’ve been awful, but once again here I am confessing my naughtiness on here.

I’ve told my partner about my app etc and he seems really keen on helping me fulfil my challenge of getting back on track and considering he is an aspiring chef that should help when I am with him, plus he is training for a marathon and wanting to lose a bit of weight so hopefully we can work at it together.

I’m a very fussy eater and i’m finding it hard to make meal plans, with no amenities at work to heat up food etc i’m finding lunchtimes hard and ending up going to the chippy or the sandwhich shop, this needs to stop NOW! I need to be more prepared and organised when it comes to meal times and plan and prepare food in advance. Fell like I’m living to eat not eating to live right now, and that should not be the case! – as always any advice or recipes will be much appreciated!

Sorry for the rant but thought I would update you all on my awful eating experience this weekend! Thursday is the start of something massive for me so hopefully my posts will be more positive from then on!