Back to reality..

After 17 days off I am now back at work/college/uni – Depressing! Although s**t happened whilst I was off I have enjoyed just doing nothing and sleeping when I’m tired, catching up with friends and having some me time. Getting up this morning was an absolute nightmare and I’m still wondering how I am going to get through 8 hours of work without a nap.

Its day 6/page 6 of my 365 page story, I have worked the gym so hard even my fingers are aching. I have been everyday since the 2nd apart from yesterday which was meant to be a rest day but I ended up working up a sweat moving furniture round my room and having a huge clear out which felt amazing by the way! I am planning on going for a swim straight from work as my back is quite sore from all the shifting yesterday.

My eating has been OK, I’m not saying I have been perfect because I haven’t but I feel like now I’m back at work I can sort my life out so to speak, just wrote a shopping list to go food shopping after the gym tonight, I feel it is all about being organised and when I’m at work I tend to be very organised.

The scrapbook idea is going well; did a page on ‘Reasons why I want to lose weight’ yesterday here are a few;

– to have good health and boost my fitness levels (so I can walk up the stairs without feeling like I’m about to die)

– to go shopping and be able to pick nice fitting clothes and not anything that is so baggy it may as well be a tent. 

– to make people proud and to inspire people (absolutely love seeing inspiring stories and transformations on social media)

anyway enough of that it’s basically me just ranting about myself and the thoughts and feelings I have about being overweight, you get the gist.

Hope you are all settling into the new year well and achieving your goals.