Starting again and again and again, or so it feels!

So in the last 3 weeks I have worked my arse off in more ways than one, yet not literally ass my arse hasn’t got any smaller!.. 2 end of module assessments and two exams as well as a heavy workload, life problems and the gym.

I feel that now I have most of that hard work out the way (studying wise) I can start to concentrate on my healthy eating and exercising again properly. My healthy eating went completely out the window but I have been sticking to the gym as much as possible (approx. 3 times a week)

I haven’t lost or put on any weight as I have maintained on the scales which I would be over the moon at if I knew for certain it isn’t all gonna catch up with me, which is normally the case!

Lately, I don’t know why and I have had this feeling in the past but not to this extreme but I feel nervous around 75% of the time, I’ve never had it this before and wondered if anyone else feels this way? I don’t know if its lack of confidence or what but I’m not enjoying it.

I’m hoping its a quiet week work wise and I can get my ‘life sorted’ as such, I really need to start saving and need to get thinking of some ways but its so hard when renting a house and having a car etc… Any ideas welcome..

On the fat side of things, Tomorrow I am going to give raspberry ketones a go and get back on the diet properly, I did my food shop yesterday so i’m nicely prepared just need some willpower. I’m not going to bother with the scales as they are like my enemy but I will redo my measurement and hope that in a months time they will be decreasing. The only motivation I have is this little but of sunshine we are experiencing!

OH and forgot to mention.. on Friday I took desperate measures to the limit, I was on pintrest and came across ‘home body wrap’ so I tried it, meaning I smothered my stomach in lotion, and wrapped myself in cling film, it lasted approx. an hour because it was so uncomfortable and I forgot to take measurements so I’m not too sure if it worked but I just thought I would tell you for your personal amusement..