4 days in..

I haven’t blogged since the awaited doctors appointment last Thursday so I have quite a lot to write about.

Firstly the doctors app itself.. Brilliant! I saw a nurse and she was wonderful she didn’t make me feel uncomfortable or looked down on me whatsoever which straight away made me feel 100% better. First she asked about my lifestyle and if there is any stress or if I comfort eat etc I told her about my degree, level 3 course and working full time along with all the stuff I am going through at home and that yes I probably do comfort eat but I am also very good at missing meals due to my hectic lifestyle. She then went on to telling me I should be eating high protein, low fat food/meals and told me to base my meals around one carbohydrate; she said diabetics do this and they have a good diet so maybe researching that would help me. I got weighed and told I would have my bloods done next time I see her so she can make sure I haven’t got an overactive thyroid and not working my arse off for nothing. BUT THEN she offered me orlistat (a form of slimming tablets) I was quite wary at first and to be honest I still am after reading about them on the internet etc. I’d be curious to know if anyone is taking them or has done in the past, if so what are your outcomes and opinions of them? After a good 45 mins of being with the nurse I headed home in a very positive mood.

Friday night I went to my partners, turned up to a gorgeous healthy meal of chicken and veg at first I was like eugh I just want a takeaway or something but I eat it and to my surprise it was lovely. I have had an amazing weekend (food wise) and in general to be honest which has kept my positive mood and I have started orlistat! I started Saturday morning and been on edge thinking I may have an accident or something but they have been fine so far, fingers crossed they are doing something good! I have been eating under 40g of fat since Thursday and I do genuinely feel good for it, today is the day it will really be make or break though as I am back at work and find it so hard eating healthy when I am here.

My partner and I went for a walk yesterday and started talking ‘goals’ it made me think long and hard and thought yes as much as I love food, do I love it as much as I used to feel when I was a size 8/10? NO is the answer so I have made a temporary goal of losing 12 pounds before Christmas; this isn’t set in stone as I don’t plan weighing/measuring myself till Thursday or Saturday and that’s when I know if this whole orlistat/low fat/high protein thing is working for me.