Busy Busy Busy…

Hello Lovelies!

I did write this blog yesterday or as near as dam it and it decided to delete it as I posted it so me and wordpress had a bit of a fall out yesterday, but here I am trying again! Just a warning it was a bit of a life story as well yesterday so no doubt it will be verging on that again!

Firstly, apologies for not posting for a while I have had a few days off work and it has been non stop. I thought a long weekend off work was going to be a nice little break but oh no how wrong was I! I have been gardening, decorating, cleaning, shopping and catching up with friends. (I have never realised how exhausting cutting down hedges and rolling paint on walls actually was). I also went to Soccer Aid on Sunday which was a great day out! What I’m trying to say really is I haven’t done my exercises for the past week but I haven’t exactly just sat on my bottom and done nothing that’s for sure! So please don’t be too disappointed in me haha…

So its the 13th June, and on the 18th I have an exam.. providing I pass this exam my college studies will be over for a few months (till September at least) with the odd bit of uni work to do throughout summer but nothing too stressful SO I bet you are thinking why you telling me this… I have had a good long think about the next 12 months and I have decided to take a gap year from my AAT studies, there are a couple of reasons behind this decision the main one being that over the past 2 years I have come to realise I’m not wonder women and I have taken on far too much so if I take a year out this gives me time to finish uni and then put my effort into college afterwards. Also another factor is funding; if I take a year out when I enrol in August 2015 I will be 24 and eligible for a 24+ loan so it beats having to pay £2250 just to study the course never mind fund the books and pay my AAT membership. Anyway as I have come to this decision I have also thought it is going to be good for myself having my week nights back and not working 13 hour days can only be a good thing? I wont be getting in from college at near 10pm raiding cupboards to find something quick to eat before bed etc.. I am hoping make this negative into a positive (negative because I would love to carry on and get qualified by this time next year but money just isn’t allowing it too) and the positive being that I can concentrate on myself for a year, exercise wise I can go to the gym in the mornings or after work and not think ‘eugh 13 hour days and then I’m coming to the gym’. It is actually exhausting so as of this time next week I would love to have a plan in place and get myself organised as to what I need to do and concentrate on etc.. I love making lists and end up making lists for lists and also get a bit OCD about them so I’m hoping that will have a positive effect as I do know organisation is key and the fact I will have a bit more energy will hopefully spur me on!

If anyone has any ideas of how I can get organised and are willing to help me pretty much sort my life out haha, I would appreciate it majorly… Any ideas welcome and will be taken on board! So i am in fact pleading with my followers to kick my ass into gear and reduce the size of it really!

If you have read this far, thank you! Hope you are all doing brilliantly on your journeys!