I promised to be honest so here I am being totally honest..

today I have eat everything and anything in sight (that’s tastes good of course) I have had; 2 packs of crisps, a ham and chicken wrap, a bar of galaxy caramel and a bottle of vimto plus a couple of sweets! I want to blame the stress of my exam this evening but this exam is not physically putting food in my mouth so looks like I can only blame myself, what a rubbish day!

Still another couple of hours before my exam so no doubt fit some more junk in before then and either drown my sorrows with a takeaway when its all over or celebrate with one if I pass. Lose lose situation.

Wish me luck!


OH YEAH! and just to give you a better insight of how my day has actually gone so far, my arse is so big when I sat down my tights have ripped at the crotch! #fatgirlproblems