Day 6 & still going strong

Just thought I would keep you up to date on things, it’s halfway through day 6 and I can proudly say that a piece of chocolate, a sweet, a crisp or anything of the sort has passed my lips. I am being so strong I don’t actually know what has gotten into me.

I am enjoying trying random new snacks, like today I have prepared a snack tub that I brought to work with me and it includes chopped up raw celery and carrots, I have sat here snacking on it for the last 30 minutes and actually enjoyed every single bite. This time last week that snack would normally of been a pack of malteasers or some crisps.

Yesterday I got some exam results from uni and unfortunately I had failed by a couple of marks, normally I would turn to food. Not this time! I’m actually surprising myself with my power and determination that has all of a sudden took over me. I am feeling slightly tired the majority of the time but i’m hoping this will adjust itself soon, I always manage to fit my 7-8 hours of sleep in a night so that’s not a problem.

On the orlistat front, no problems so far! They have made me very conscious of what I eat I went to Tesco last night and found myself looking at the fat content on everything think my Dad was getting slightly bored by the end of the shopping trip but I came out with a trolley full of fresh, natural, non fatty foods. Still not yet weighed myself and won’t be doing till approximately Saturday I am hoping for a loss of some sort but slow and steady is fine by me.