Cannot shift this illness!

Day 8 of being ill and I cannot shift it!

Went to the local GP Led centre last night because I couldn’t cope with the coughing any longer (been coughing that much my insides hurt and I keep being sick) and apparently it is a bacterial infection that they can do nothing for? So here I am sat in my office dosed up on pain killers, cough medicines and throat lozenges. Fun fun fun!

I really want to get back to the gym, I have come to realise it is probably going to be back to square one (fitness wise) when I make a return which isn’t ideal but I think I’m going to try and give some early morning swims a go when I am fully recovered!

Anyway that’s just a little update on moi! Have a good week people of wordpress! 🙂

p.s I am nearing 200 followers, thank you everyone for your continued support and following!