Moody Monday.

I jumped on the scales this morning thinking the worst. This weekend has consisted of; very little sleep, far too much alcohol and an array of rubbish food but plenty of exercise literally woke up yesterday morning aching from head to toe from dancing my Saturday night away. To my surprise a 4lb loss BUT I don’t know whether to feel happy or not as I’m worried it’s going to catch up with me next week so I feel as though I have cheated myself a bit.

Straight back on plan this morning though it has made me quite determined although I feel I am going to be disappointed this time next week but hopefully if I keep up the good work I put in last week I might see another loss, fingers crossed!

Busy week ahead; deadlines for assignments, meetings with some important people, college, finally getting my bloods done. Exercise wise; group power on Wednesday (formally known as body pump), aqua bootcamp Thursday, spiining Friday and at least 3 visits to the gym. Feeling quite motivated and happy about the exercise that I am doing, had an hour or so with a fitness instructor at my gym on Saturday and he did a fitness test on the bike to give me an aim to work for in MET’s for when I’m working out to make sure I’m working to my full potential which I found really interesting so I will be taking that on board and hope that in four weeks time my fitness level will increase.

Anyway that’s enough from me this grim Monday morning. Have a fab week!