First Friday weigh in results.

Week 30 and I’m still here… Who would have thought it!

So it is my first Friday weigh in and I am 4lbs lighter; this means I have lost the festive period pounds I piled on and more… 17 stone exactly the scales said so that is 2 stone & 2 pounds in 30 weeks. Needless to say I am in a happy, positive, motivated, determined kind of mood right now!

Tomorrow I have my gym review my last one was around my birthday so measurements will be done and with you all by Monday hopefully there will be some more positive results to be posted. Tonight I am spinning and this weekend I am trying a new exercise/gym class on Sunday called ‘Piloxing’ it is a mixture of pilates and boxing if you didn’t guess by the name. Will review that next week for you which will be followed by a normal Pilates class.

Anyway have a good weekend lovelies, mine is going to be a quiet one with lots of gym and healthy eating in order to get some good results next week!

Teeny Tiny Results!

I couldn’t wait any longer so yesterday I did my measurements, a collective 3.5 inch loss overall. Might be small but it’s a step in the right direction! Super happy 🙂

Breakdown of what’s gone up and what’s gone down;

Waist +1

Hips -2.5

Bust -2

Right Thigh -0.5

Left Thigh +1

Right Calf 0

Left Calf +0.5

Right Upper Arm +0.5

Left Upper Arm -0.5

Right Ankle -0.5

Left Ankle -0.5

don’t think its 100% accurate seen as I measured myself the first time and a friend measured me the second time so hopefully next time my friend does it again it will be much more accurate.

The weekend was very productive even if I did leave most of my housewife duties till 7pm Sunday evening, but all the exercise happened. Spinning was good on Friday booked in for next Friday already, hope to get back into it like I used to be and go at least once a week. Zumba was ok too but the instructor wasn’t very instructorish! < meaning she didn’t say much and just got on with it so we had no idea what was coming next! Aqua bootcamp was a joy as always nice way of working out without even realising how much effort you are putting in. My limbs are nice and achy today, today and tomorrow is my long working hour days so no gym for me unfortunately 😦