Piloxing – The Review


So on Sunday morning I abandoned my normal lazy lie in for a new gym class called ‘Piloxing’ it is an exercise that combines pilates and boxing… Strange hey? Yes that is exactly what I thought but none the less I booked in and off I went. Although before sunday arrived I did do a little bit of research on it and stumbled across this quote ‘If you want to get in shape by unleashing your inner Rocky while feeling like you’re in a scene from Flashdance then Piloxing is for you.’

I walked into the exercise class and it was empty, RESULT! (I prefer it when it isn’t busy)… 10 minutes later the room was full to its capacity and the majority of them girls were slim. brilliant! My thoughts were they need to go home already, they are done!

The warm up started and it consisted of top tapping and introducing punches out to the side, up and down with a few plié squats (which I favour because I always used to get told off in body combat for squatting like a ballet dancer because I turn my feet out; which in fact I trained as when I was younger) with punches and some box steps. It seemed to go on for what felt like forever it was in fact 10 minutes and straight into the next section; there was no instruction to grab a drink in between like they normally suggest in other classes I do such as zumba and step; they seem to do it in sections with a little drink break in between apparently ‘we don’t stop moving’ was what the instructor shouted. From that moment on I was a bit put off but into the first section we went…


The first section concentrated on lower body, plié position with feet together was key whilst lifting and lowering your left the leg for around 16 counts to the front then your right then out to the side then to the back doing all this a total of 3 times on each leg. The key was to keep which ever leg you was balancing on bent, lets just say the room was full of plenty of wobbles and near falls. This section went on for a good 8-9 minutes or so.



The second section involved arms… feet together plié position again and put arms behind you and pulse them whilst bending your knees then into a squat position whilst rotating the arms in front.  The only thing I can say about this is that I felt like a deformed penguin and for any passers by I can only imagine what kind of a laugh they were having. We looked ridiculous.


The next section involved working on your core by again plié squat position with hands in front crossing them under and over and moving your waist in time. This was then followed by leaning forward and alternating the legs out backwards concluding in the arabesque position and some more box steps with punching arms.


Section four was a simple boxing sequence which went along the lines of jab left jab left jab right jab left – complicated yeah? She told us to keep our fists to our cheeks (the ones on our face) and imagine we are holding and ice cream cone. I was good at that, it’s something I am very familiar with. This section also included a lot of jumping and bouncing whilst switching sides. untitled

The last section was floor work and another set of awkward embarrassing positions including what I can only describe as the dog peeing up a wall position and opening your legs into a v shape and trying to do a sit up bringing your arms through and you lift your tail bone of the floor… Luckily I have some images for your entertainment, whilst looking and reading this blog do imagine that you are at least a size 18 and then think about these images again and it will put you into perspective of exactly what my Sunday morning entailed. BUT and it is a big BUT I did hold the plank position for 20 whole seconds which to me is an achievement as doing it for 5 seconds a couple of months was a challenge.



The class was then concluded by a small chant that apparently all piloxing classes do that was ‘sleek, sexy and powerful’ each word with its own position. All I can say to that bit is CHEESE!

In conclusion I wouldn’t say it was the most enjoyable class I have ever done but there was elements that I did enjoy. You have to be very good at balancing and also quite flexible to achieve some of the positions. I will give it another chance at some point, hopefully by then the end chant will have worn off. If you are thinking of trying it do not under estimate the intensity of it cardio wise, it is on par with the likes of zumba or spinning, I would say it is like a girlie version of a body combat class.

7 thoughts on “Piloxing – The Review

  1. I have to say your review is not making me want to rush out and try it 😀

    awesome for trying a new thing though… 😀

    really…a chant? really? I don’t think my inner (or outer) cynic would let me do that!!

    incidentally…are you insinuating that zumba and spinning are on a par cardio-wise? because that makes me a lot less scared about spinning (no I haven’t tried it yet…)

    • I’m torn! I think it could be a great class but maybe when I’m a lot slimmer? I will give it another go at some point you know what I always say give it at least 3-6 chances before you make an actual decision.

      Spinning and zumba are on par cardio wise yeah BUT this is due to being able to go at your own pace as such during a spinning class… I find spinning easier than zumba because bouncing about on my feet pretty much kills me!

      • hmmm…when I did zumba I barely broke a sweat, it was so low energy! but then I think I went to a really bad zumba class so maybe I shouldn’t take that as my indication!

        I don’t think there is any of thid piloxing near me…I am partly intrigued and partly think I might hate it…

        if nothing else, it has a strange name and thus will make a good blog post 😀

      • no, it was definitely Zumba, I tried two different classes one was better than the other but they were both pretty rubbish…

        THere are a few instructors near me, just no info about classes…I will do some digging…I am vaguely intrigued…

        I bet they do it in Brighton…it sounds Brighton-y!

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