My weigh in days are now going to change to a Friday.


7 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS…

      • that is a good thing 🙂
        having someone else do it keeps you accountable!

        Mondays are stupid days…I forgot to weigh in yesterday…so I did it this morning 🙂
        (-1.2kg just in case you needed to know that!)

      • yeah I agree, puts the pressure on to be good as well! Plus their scales are better than mine.
        Wow that’s brilliant! In a week? Well done you! I need to lose 3 more lb to get back to where I was, until then I feel fuming with myself haha

      • yes, somehow that happened in a week…I put it down to finally getting back to being sensible with my food, and doing (at least) 2 workouts most days including Insanity!
        I have another 2kg (4lbs) to lose before I get back to where I was before about november when I stopped paying close attention…it is very frustrating!

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