Happy Birthday to me…

for last Monday!

This week, week 24 the inevitable happened I have had a little gain of 2 pounds. I am pretty happy with this as with it being my birthday I have been for a couple of meals (buffet meals) and the Christmas markets so yeah a 2lb gain isn’t all that bad. I have a full week back at work next week then I am off again for Christmas. The plan is to get the 2lb back off for next week and maintain over the Christmas period; as long as I come out the other side of December pretty much the same I was on the last day of October I will be happy.

I am back in the gym and loving it! I have a new gym buddy and she is fab even though she is a size 6 and I feel like a t**t next to her she is lovely and because she isn’t someone I have known for years I feel as though I can’t just say ‘not feeling it tonight’ which is good because I go no matter how I am feeling now! BUT and its a big BUT, no not my butt! My gym closes for a month as of tomorrow for a refurb, I am gutted especially as when I am off over Christmas I will have a lot more time to go! So I am trying to devise a plan of action in that respect.

Also it is nearly time for a measurement update so I will crack on with that this weekend!

This list thing is starting to get a bit long now…

Week 1 (02/07/2014) – -3lb

Week 2 (09/07/2014) – -3lb

Week 3 (16/07/2014) – -2lb

Week 4 (23/07/2014) – -1lb

Week 5 (30/07/2014) – -2lb

Week 6 (06/08/2014) – -2lb

Week 7 (13/08/2014) – +1lb

Week 8 (20/08/2014) – -5lb

Week 9 & 10 (03/09/2014) – +4lb

Week 11 (10/09/2014) – -1lb

Week 12 (17/09/2014) – Maintained

Week 13 (24/09/2014) – Maintained

Week 14 (01/10/2014) – Maintained

Week 15 (08/12/2014) – Maintained

Week 16 (15/10/2014) – -5lbs

Week 17 (22/10/2014) – Maintained

Week 18 (29/10/2014) – -1lb

Week 19 (05/11/2014) – Maintained

Week 20 (12/11/2014) – Maintained

Week 21 (19/11/2014) – -1lb

Week 22 (26/11/2014) – Maintained

Week 23 (03/12/2014) – -3lbs

Week 24 (10/12/2014) – +2lbs

Total – 22lbs gone forever!

17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me…

      • I do my best 😀

        keeping the classes going is great…If you do spinning I’ll send you a prize!! I have never tried spinning….it just looks soooooo hard!!

      • omg really! I LOVE SPINNING! I used to do 3 classes a week and then I lost my gel seat and never returned! but they have a huge wall projector thing now and it takes you on a ‘bike ride’ through different places etc now so I need to go again!

        your aim for 2015 is to try coconut water and do a spinning class!

      • hmmm maybe an Insanity Class or circuits then…

        ok…I’ll think of a prize…but you have to post evidence that you have been 😀

      • I did circuits on Friday, there is a picture on instagram 😉 looks like I will be doing them until 19th of jan as its what they have put on whilst the gym is being refurbished!

        you know my thoughts on insanity haha!

      • circuits is awesome 😀
        I miss my circuits class!

        now I am going to have to think of a prize…it might have to wait until january mind you 😉

        Insanity is awesome!! do it!!
        I will do spinning!!

      • I am not sure if that is a prize…

        it sounds like a threat :-p

        I will make spinning one of my new things for January!
        I have just got the new Insanity Max 30 😀 it is like insanity condensed into 30 mins…so apparently even harder with no rest :-S

      • 3 – 6 spinning classes!! eeeek!!

        ok then I will give it a go…I may make it a dreaded resolution… except that I will keep it unlike a lot of the population!

        I will definitely let you know 🙂 I will do a review once I have started it, I am thinking maybe january for that one too as I have people staying over christmas who probably don’t want to watch me collapsing on the floor after insanity!!

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