Keeping up the trend…

So its week 21 of my the new weight loss journey, 21 weeks wow – never thought I would stick it out (as such) this long. I say as such because no I haven’t been perfect but I have been aware more than ever. So Week 21 and its a 1 pound loss; meaning 21 pounds in total in 21 weeks… Keeping the trend going aren’t I. Over the mood with a loss as I genuinely think I may of screamed if it was a maintain again and as for gaining I cant begin to imagine… but its not so do not fear!

I am officially back in the gym 3 times in 4 days and again tonight, I am having thurs and fri off but back to it sat and sun morning!

p.s it is 19 days till my birthday! wooo

Week 1 (02/07/2014) – -3lb

Week 2 (09/07/2014) – -3lb

Week 3 (16/07/2014) – -2lb

Week 4 (23/07/2014) – -1lb

Week 5 (30/07/2014) – -2lb

Week 6 (06/08/2014) – -2lb

Week 7 (13/08/2014) – +1lb

Week 8 (20/08/2014) – -5lb

Week 9 & 10 (03/09/2014) – +4lb

Week 11 (10/09/2014) – -1lb

Week 12 (17/09/2014) – Maintained

Week 13 (24/09/2014) – Maintained

Week 14 (01/10/2014) – Maintained

Week 15 (08/12/2014) – Maintained

Week 16 (15/10/2014) – -5lbs

Week 17 (22/10/2014) – Maintained

Week 18 (29/10/2014) – -1lb

Week 19 (05/11/2014) – Maintained

Week 20 (12/11/2014) – Maintained

Week 21 (19/11/2014) – -1lb

Total – 21lbs gone forever!

7 thoughts on “Keeping up the trend…

  1. Yeay!!

    Really awesome work!!

    21 lbs in 21 days is a really healthy rate, and it is important to look at the long term trends, sometimes you maintain sometimes you lose but generally every thing is going in the right direction 😀

    keep it up!!

    • Thank you! I am just coming to terms with being patient I think, I am proud that I have got this far and you never know in 52 weeks time I may have lost 52 lbs… I would be highly content with that, like you say as long as everything is going in the right direction I am a happy girl!

  2. I’m glad to see the weight going down, it’s always hard when it’s week on end staying still, feels as if you hadn’t done anything, even if you can feel differences in your body 🙂

    Just keep at it! You can do it!

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