October Goals…

– lose half a stone (7lbs) it is a 5 week month so that is averaging nearly 1.5 pounds a week… doable!

– compare measurements again and aim to lose at least 5 inches collectively.

– no alcohol; sober for October.

– get back in the gym! I NEED TO! I keep dabbling with the idea, been a couple of times but its just actually going, once i’m there I am fine.

– back to basics, 5 a day and 2L of water.

I know these may sound pretty simple and vague (gym wise) but I feel as though if I am able to reach these smaller targets I will feel more motivated a bit like when I have a loss on the scales it spurs me on massively!

Happy October People!

27 thoughts on “October Goals…

  1. Happy october 😀
    I love your goals!! once you get back to the gym, you will soon get into it!! I know you will!! If you need any ideas about what to do there give me a shout (ok I am not quite a qualified PT yet…but almost…)

    Keep it up you are doing so well!!

    • I am going back to the gym tonight, my bag is in the car so no excuses! I don’t want to be there much more than an hour and I love doing the weights is there anything you can suggest?

      • Weights are awesome and definitly a good way to go!

        I am lead to believe that cardio is important to, but I don’t like doing it as much.

        I would say (after a warm up) do your cardio in 2 10-15 min hits, do treadmill, cross trainer or rower as they are whole body and therefore more efficient…

        do on 10-15 min hit at the start, then do some weights, big muscle groups first (squats, lunges, bench press, row) then do a second round of cardio to keep you HR elevated and to smaller muscle groups (shoulders, arms,) then core

        Do you do weights machines or free weights?
        A good way of saving time and stopping your HR dropping is by doing your exercises alternately, eg if you are doing squats and bench press .for example do 1 set squats then while you are resting your legs do you bench press (chest) set, that way you minimise the sitting around period and keep you HR up 🙂

        It depends a little on what you are used to doing 🙂

      • Sounds good! I use the weights machines I love them as they set your range and everything I’m a bit lost when it comes to just using the weights in their own! Do you think a 5min stint of the rower is enough to suffice a warm up! I hate that thing and I’m not very good at it so like to get it over and done with first! Haha

      • Yes 5mjns in the rower is plenty long enough for a warm up!!!
        With the weights machines you can still do the same thing for the first set do leg press, chest press, seated row then for the second do shoulder press and lat pull down and do some biceps and triceps (maybe with dumbbells 🙂 )
        I would suggest getting someone to show you free weights once you get a bit more comfortable 🙂

      • I will definitely give that a go tonight, minus the Dumbbells for now! This is probably be the most random question you are asked in your whole pt career… What’s the best way to get them collar bones on show? Hahah

      • it is the most random question but mainly because my PT carrer hasn’t technically started yet…

        sorry to say, getting the collar bones to show is mainly a function of fat loss, same as getting abs to show, chest press helps though

        collar bones were a massive thing for me, though so I understand, when I could finally see them again (albeit only a little) I was so excited!!

      • Haha well you will never forget me because I bet most people won’t out do me in weirdness when it comes to random questions and silly statements haha! Yeah I love collar bones I think it is my major motivation when they finally poke through! Abs I’m not bothered about is been that long since I saw them I’ve practically forgotten what they are haha

      • I agree!!

        To have such a low boy far % that your “six pack” shows all the time is really hard to maintain!!

        I have never had one not even in my skinny teenage not eating phase!

      • I did but I was a semi professional dancer and that’s all I did with my life all day everyday from the age of 3-16 haha and I used to take technique classes which was all about core strength etc so I had amazing and very sticky out hips and boobs that may as well been fried eggs haha

      • wow! that is really impressive!

        dancers core strength is unbelievable!! there was a professional dancer on my core training course and he was phenomenal!!

      • Yeah haha if you saw me now you’d be like wow you lier you have the energy of a sloth ha I’ve always had thunder thighs though! Buying school pants was a pain in the bum as they were always either too tight round the thighs or too loose round the waist! Ooooo to have that problem again haha

      • hahaha…I think they are probably know as muscular thighs…

        I still have that problem…it is just in a much bigger size than it was when I was a teenager!!

        Believe me, I know how things can change in even just a few years…I did a lot of gymnastics as a teenager (not actually very good…just did a lot) and at 17 weighed 7 stone!! since then, at my heaviest I have weighed over 17!!

      • Well my mum referred to them as thunder thighs haha she hated the going back to school uniform trip! In my last year of school I was in a size ‘age 11’ skirt and ‘age 12’ pe shorts how depressing is that!

        Least you have that problem I don’t think I have found anything for over 2 years that is loose on my waist!

        It sucks to grow up doesn’t it! I loved gymnastics too but I wasn’t very good at it either i could do forward and back walkovers etc but the whole back flip was just a bit too scary! 7 stone wow! I need to lose more than that! My heaviest now is a whopping 19stone and I am now down to 17st 13. It’s like I lose it then put it all on again AND MORE!

      • the loose waist thing, is mainly because I have a large bottom! and finally actually go in at the waist again!!

        It is so scary isn’t it to think that you have to lose the same weight as a whole person! I (at the start of this) had to lose just under 8 stone to be in my healthy weight range…that is a person! I now still have to lose just under 5 and could (according to the stupid charts) lose about 6.5 and still be healthy…although I don’t actually believe them because they are made up and stupid!

        (well maybe not but they are definitely not applicable to everyone)

        I found backflips too scary too!! walkovers yes, but throwing myself backwards and hoping I could catch myself…noooo!!!

      • Yeah it is scary to think we practically need to lose our younger selves to be ‘healthy’ I have always said them charts are a load of poo to some extent! I’m apparently too small for my weight if that’s how they wanna play it! Haha

        Yeah I wasn’t overly confident throwing myself backwards in hope to land on my feet haha I did do it a few times with my pe teachers from a round off but that’s as intense as it got in that department haha

        I think you should be my own little online ‘Jessie pavelka’ and use me as an experiment to see if online pt’ing works and shout at me when I’m naughty and stuff haha I find you so motivating and inspirational

      • hehehe I could try to be your online PT, I can’t promise to be as muscular as Jessie wahtsit though…

        I can make you send me with your weekly exercise reports and measurements and such if you like…

        I am not very good at shouting…but I can look disappointed if you like…

      • Haha I’d wifey the shit out of that guy!

        That would be amazing I don’t want to put you out though only if you have the time and patients because let’s face it I’m a nightmare haha

        You need to be firm but fair I reckon! Haha

      • yes! lets try it!

        I need the practice (I promise not to experiment on you though!)
        I have to do things like lifestyle questions and medical history and stuff first if that is ok…then I can give you a program if you would like one… 🙂

        I can be firm but fair! 🙂

      • Please use me as an experiment I don’t mind honestly! You can blog about me and everything if you desire haha I really don’t mind you never know I might be a success story one day! If you want to drop me an email and I will answer any questions etc that is fine 😊oo I’m excited! Haha my email is .. chloelayla_x@hotmail.com

      • yeay!!
        this is very exciting!!

        I will sort out the questionnaires and such at lunchtime and send them all through to you 🙂

        It is a shame you don’t live closer as you could be my guinea pig for my assessment!!

      • I am in sussex, and it means actually training you in the gym once a week and then taking you to portsmouth in november so everything I have done and my methods of training and motivating etc can be assessed!!

      • For some unknown reason I thought you was in the lakes! 🙈 we have had a conversation about the likes before that’s probably what made me think it! Yeah that is a little too far to travel for a gym session unfortunately 😞

      • That’s a shame! Move to the lakes I could just about manage that! Haha right I best get some work done but I will check my email after lunch and get back to you asap 😊

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