Week 11 weigh in…

I lost 1 pound; I am happy with that thought it gets me back up to one stone loss and I am hopefully going to stay there. I have gone back to the gym this weekend although haven’t been since as I have been super busy getting myself a new car but as of 7pm yesterday mission accomplished regarding the car was sad saying bye to my old one (loser I know!).

Week 1 (02/07/2014) – -3lb

Week 2 (09/07/2014) – -3lb

Week 3 (16/07/2014) – -2lb

Week 4 (23/07/2014) – -1lb

Week 5 (30/07/2014) – -2lb

Week 6 (06/08/2014) – -2lb

Week 7 (13/08/2014) – +1lb

Week 8 (20/08/2014) – -5lb

Week 9 & 10 (03/09/2014) – +4lb

Week 11 (10/09/2014) – -1lb

Total – 14lbs

5 thoughts on “Week 11 weigh in…

  1. woohoo for getting back on track!! (I have to do exactly the same!!)

    double woohoo for getting back to the gym 😀

    if it is any consolation, I cried when I sold my old car! I loved it!!

    • I hope that doesn’t mean because you had a rest day you think you are not on track? I saw your blog on it, and you are more than entitled to a rest day!

      Thanks! the insides of my thighs are still pretty sore from the hip abductor or whatever you want to call it haha.

      I didn’t cry! I thought I would but I was too excited to get my new one haha, I did have a picture with him though, think the guy thought I was completely weird when I said please will you take a picture of me and lilo the clio! Oh well!

      • haha…no, not just the rest day, I have been paying less attention to my food recently and cake and scones have crept back in…I gained 3lbs…but it is just a temporary glitch!

        yeay for aches!!

        awww! I wish I had a picture of mine!

      • don’t feel too bad about the food though you do enough exercise and you are allowed a treat or two haha! That 3lbs will be gone in no time, I have faith haha

        the last thing I was saying on Monday morning trying to get out of my uber low bed with sore inner thighs was YEY but it is good pain I suppose so I cant complain!

        I’m dead sad like that haha, no one will ever see the picture but still!

      • I love gym aches…they make you know you have done something good 🙂 (at least that is what I keep telling myself)

        I like running aches less!

        it is still good to have a picture!! I don’t think it is sad at all 😀

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