Where was I on Wednesday…

For the past 7 weeks I have updated this on a Wednesday as that is when I weigh myself. This week if you actually follow me you may of asked yourself where is she… well don’t worry I am still here BUT I decided to take a little break from the scales as it was bank holiday things didn’t go to plan diet wise and ended up drinking my body weight in cocktails. So the method In my madness is that I didn’t want to get on the scales and see a huge gain because it would just make me eat.. out of comfort! So I decided to swerve the scales and get back to it in hope that the damage is a little less daunting when I weigh myself this Wednesday!

I know a lot of people would be like that’s stupid you should of just got on them and took the punishment as such but I know me and I know it would of led to binging. So I am sorry if you missed me this week but resume as normal next week, I promise!

Have a good weekend guys and girls!

5 thoughts on “Where was I on Wednesday…

  1. it is ok to skip the weigh in once in a while…as long as you don’t keep doing it and pretend it doesn’t matter (I did this for years…)

    (PS I am just catching up with my blog reading after being away!)

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