August goals.. The results!

– Hit the next stone bracket (3lb to go) & hit my first stone loss! Completed but I may of messed this up last week.
– Reduce my BMI, aiming for 44 or less. Failed – I was 0.1 off.
– Complete the 30 day app. Failed – Not going to lie didn’t even open the app after day 1.
– Take measurements on the 1st and the 31st to compare and hope for a decrease. Failed… to take measurements, let alone see a difference.
– Use firming cream everyday. Failed – I bought some though does that count?

In conclusion what a terrible month. Monday brings September and a new set of goals… Lets hope its a better month!  

One thought on “August goals.. The results!

  1. August was hard work all round i think!!

    0.1 off the BMI goal doesn’t really count as a failure in my eyes…

    you know what, admitting where you went wrong is just as important 😀

    keep it up!

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