I don’t quite know how or why…

BUT I have lost 5 lbs this week! I have no idea how as I don’t think I have been eating enough this week (missing meals) but I am ecstatic!

I am now in the next stone bracket and exceeded my first stone loss, very pleased and proud of my self right now.

My BMI is now 44.1 meaning I am 0.1 off making my august goal, with one more weigh in, in august I am feeling pretty determined right now… I always do think BMI is a load of poo but I suppose reducing it isn’t going to harm me.

So here is the weekly breakdown…

Week 1 (02/07/2014) – -3lb

Week 2 (09/07/2014) – -3lb

Week 3 (16/07/2014) – -2lb

Week 4 (23/07/2014) – -1lb

Week 5 (30/07/2014) – -2lb

Week 6 (06/08/2014) – -2lb

Week 7 (13/08/2014) – +1lb

Week 8 (20/08/2014) – -5lb

Total – 17lbs



11 thoughts on “I don’t quite know how or why…

  1. this is awesome 🙂 it would indicate that last week was just a fluctuation that happened at the wrong time 😀

    Be careful with not eating enough though! (serious grown up sensible head raised therefor a minute…) I know you are generally sensible, so you won’t fall into the trap of thinking that you have to eat less and less to loose weight!

    I agree about BMI…It is generally rubbish but (when I was thinking about it for myself) I decided that over a certain point, reducing it probably wasn’t going to hurt even if it is a stupid scale and made up nonsense!

    • I hope that is the case and I don’t get back on them next week to be highly disappointed!

      Yeah I know it’s not good for you and don’t worry missing meals isn’t high on my list of things to start doing I have just been super busy and working through lunches etc so I have just been getting home and having a good meal at night but I am aware it is totally not good for you whatsoever. I am just too lazy to start messing about with making lunches in a morning before work haha.

      Yeah I completely agree I have always thought I am far too short for this BMI nonsense and still do think that to an extent but like we both agree reducing it wont do us any harm especially when I am in the morbidly obese category haha!

      • I completely understand the too busy for lunch thin! I sued to do that all the time, but now I force myself to have a proper break and go for a walk at lucnhtime no matter how much work I have!!
        I also force myself to make lunch…although I do it in quite a lazy way and just take all the ingredients to work and make it up there!

        yeah, the “healthy range” of the BMI scale is questionable, and I think based on made up figures from an insurance company. But either end of the scale is probably right. I knew when my BMI was over 40 that I needed to reduce it…now it is in the mid 30s (i think) and still needs to go down a little but not as much as that chart seems to think…I apparently need to loose another 5 stone to be in my healthy weight range…I am not even considering that!

      • It is ridiculous!!

        A few years ago, I was a size 12 and at 5’5″ that is respectable, I was still 2.5 stone overweight and could have lost another 4 to be in my height weight range…

        it really needs to take into account body composition!!

      • it is really scary!
        when I was a teenager, I was 7.5 stone, I was scarily thin and I got there by more or less starving myself!

        It has taken me years to realise that just because I did it then, doesn’t mean that I should try for that again, and It certainly doesn’t mean that my not teenage body will even be able to do that again!

      • haha, I was like that pre-teen but it caught up with me as a teenager, so I stopped eating anything…

        that didn’t work out so well either as it wasn’t sensible or sustainable!

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