Topics to discuss regarding weight related journeys…

There are many questions that go through my head on a day to day basis.. I am very much a worrier and also a very curious person and like to hear other peoples experiences and opinions.

Firstly ‘Will I get excess skin/saggy skin if I lose weight? Is there anything that can be done to avoid this?’ I think about this quite a lot! I have quiteΒ a lot of weight to lose and I don’t want to go from hating my body already to still hating it at the end of the journey… Has anyone experienced this? What do you do to prevent it? What creams/What exercises? P.s Surgery is not an option!

Secondly ‘Is there any truth in the contraceptive pill making you struggle with your weight?’ I personally have been on theΒ pop pill (cerazette) for over 2 years and within that time I have fluctuated in weight quite a lot whether the pill has anything to do with this I do not know. I also haven’t had a period in the time I have been on it, I always think that this cannot be good for my body… What is your knowledge and understanding? Have you has any experience with coming off it or going on it and it effecting your weight?

Lastly! I have never ever had a straight answer off a fitness instructor/health expert ‘Regarding weight loss what is the best way to do your workout? Weights and then cardio or cardio then weights? Or does it actually make no difference whatsoever?’

if anyone has any other questions please ask them as I would like to think I am not the only one who thinks about random stuff like this! Please share πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Topics to discuss regarding weight related journeys…

  1. you are definitely not the only one who thinks things like this!!

    as for saggy skin…I don’t know…but I think there is a palmers coco butter cream for stretch marks and skin tightening that is effective, also lots of resistance work with weights seems to make a difference…

    one of the listed side effects on the pill pack is weight gain…but I have both lost weight and gained weight while on it so I am as clueless as you… I have been on it for over 20 years mind you…

    cardio then some weights then more cardio then more weights…to ensure your heartrate remains elevated πŸ™‚

    • brilliant! I knew I could count on you to pop up with your wise words and advice, stretch marks I can deal with I have them all over they are not pretty but they aren’t the worst things in the world but skin hanging over is an awful thought I do wonder if these firming creams work!

      I have used contraceptive pills from the age of 13 (young I know) but back then it was purely because my periods were so painful and they said the pill will help and it did.. but I was taken off microgynon because of family history of blood clots. Do you have periods on yours? surely 20 years is a long time to not have one? haha

      That sounds like a sensible answer!

      • I have no idea if the creams really work, the palmers coco butter ones seem to be pretty good and smell like chocolate…

        I went on the pill early too because of pain…I think it is quite common πŸ™‚ I am on microgynon, I do have periods on it…I went for ages running the packs together which probably didn’t do me much good so I stopped!

        on my gym instructor course, we were taught that the traditional order is to have cardio first to raise the HR but on the circuits course we were taught to arrange circuits to do cardio, resistance core, repeat so I apply that to gym too πŸ™‚

      • smells like chocolate? I will prob end up eating it!

        The breaks on microgynon used to confuse my little brain and it made me moody! So I do find the pop pill easier in that sense

        Yeah that sounds good I tend to do 6 weight stations and 4 cardio stations so I could just alternate them πŸ™‚

      • I would alternate them πŸ™‚

        It doesn’t smell enough like chocolate to eat it πŸ˜‰

        A doctor said recently I should change away from the pill to a different thing because of my “weight and age” but I don’t like change!

        actually I would do a bit of HIIT at the start then do just lots of heavy lifting because I find cardio dull…but in general my advice would be to alternate them πŸ˜€

  2. Firstly, anyone starting on this journey have asked the same.
    My experiences:
    1. I have slightly sagging skin which I can deal with over the fat that once occupied it, core exercises and ab workouts definitely help along with a slow and steady weight loss to help your skin re-elasticise. There are firming creams but I’ve not tried any except bio-oil on my stretch marks which works a treat.
    2. I was on cerezette for 4 years and went from a 14-16 to a 24/26. The only form of contraception that’s been proven to hinder weightloss and make you gain is the depr provera injection. The pills increase appetite but aren’t proven to have same effects as injection. I also didn’t have a period and it came back immediately when I came off it, I also dropped 3 stones.
    3. I don’t think it really matters it’s more preference I think, I switched them around every so often to keep my body guessing. Hope this helps!

  3. Brilliant, does bio oil actually work then? Do you just rub it into dry skin or use it in the bath? Yeah I have heard the injection can have an effect on your weight but I do truly believe that the pill does in some form even if it is like you say the increased appetite.
    Thanks for you comment πŸ™‚

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