Weekend reflection…

Monday morning EUGH – back to reality.

Weekend goes far too quick, I had Friday off and went on my date Friday night which went quite well I think? I’m unsure though as I am useless at reading people and when it comes to thoughts and feelings I’m pretty much a disaster. We have spoke since and hopefully going to arrange a second date for the weekend after next but I’m not going to get my hopes up just in case.

We had Chinese and I just had chicken chow mein, this was my treat day treat. Saturday was quite a lazy day and I went to bingo in the evening and then on a little bike ride to test my new bike out eventually only did 2 miles but hoping to get out on it again tonight and do at least the same.

Yesterday I was at a christening all day, had a pick at the buffet but didn’t go on a complete binge had a sandwich and a couple of bread sticks and dips, no cake!

So yeah I’m in a bit of a whatever mood but I’m trying to stick with the healthy eating and going to go swimming again before work tomorrow and hope for some good results on Wednesday when I weigh myself.

Anyway hope you all had a good weekend! 


10 thoughts on “Weekend reflection…

  1. no cake!
    that is a shame!
    part of the reason I exercise as much as I do is so I can (occasionally) eat cake!

    I am glad your date went well 😀
    the fact that you have spoken since, and spoken about another date seems to me to be a good sign 😀

    • I’m not a huge cake fan.. unless its chocolate gateau haha so yeah birthday cake/christening cake is resistible for me.

      Thank you, yeah he seems slightly different with me which is worrying but I’m a girl and we like to overthink things so maybe I am just being silly… time will tell I suppose, if nothing is planned by the middle of next week I will get the hint haha

      • ahh yes, I can resist fruit cake…but chocolate cake…no hope at all!! 😀

        it might be good different…sometimes that happens too 🙂

      • haha I am exactly the same, chocolate anything and I cannot resist it eek!

        ah maybe, I doubt it though, I have no faith in my dating abilities. my perception is he is talking to me to be polite haha but we will see!

      • haha I think us women have it built in, I will try my best.. see what happens in the next week or so but I don’t want to be making all the effort in texting first etc… I hate being female sometimes haha

      • take it as it comes, sometimes text first, sometimes don’t 🙂
        but I am rubbish at these situations…not helped by the fact that I have been married for years so have forgotten!

      • yeah he text me first on sat and sun so I thought I would do my bit today but its his turn tomorrow! haha putting my foot down!

        least you don’t have all this to worry about being married haha

      • that is true 😀

        I believe texting on consecutive days is a good sign by the way 🙂
        If it were politeness it might have stopped by now 🙂

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