July Goals…

– lose at least half a stone.

– go to the gym/swim at least twice a week.

– drink 2 litres of water a day.

– 1 treat day a week.

– eat my 5 a day everyday, even if it’s a treat day.


9 thoughts on “July Goals…

  1. Good goals 🙂

    be careful with treat days though…unless they are non food treat days, they make you have an odd attitude to unhealthy food as a treat rather than a balanced diet. (each to their own though 🙂 )

    • the treat day is in other words ‘you are allowed a takeaway day’ haha, I am still fighting the chocolate situation so I am trying to limit myself to one freddo a day just to get a bit of a fix! so far it’s going quite well!

      • that seems fair…


        as long as it isn’t a you have to have a takeaway day 😉

        one freddo a day seems like a good way to cut down and stop the cravings…I did that for ages eventually you stop wanting it 🙂

      • the takeaway is optional, but i am partial to a good Chinese eek!

        yeah I am hoping that whole stop wanting thing will kick in asap as I think the whole chocolate addiction does me absolutely no favours whatsoever! having an office job doesn’t help either!

      • office jobs are awful…it is so hard to tell the difference between snacking because you are bored and snacking because you are hungry…

        and if it is anything like mine, people keep on having birthdays and bringing in cake!

      • I know, sat on your bottom all day and grazing all day long! It’s so bad, yeah birthdays are a nightmare but my boss always buys biscuits for us all so they are always floating around, think I need to learn the world NO!

  2. Good luck with this. I seem to be struggling with mine. I have LOADS I COULD lose, I just never seem to get around to doing it. Too much time sat on my BFB typing at the computer, I guess. I am doing some bike riding, though I suppose my intake is still battling with my exercise. Here’s hoping you can be gooder than me. 🙂

    • unfortunately its is my job to sit at a computer so I suppose luckily for me I avoid technology when I finish work for the day apart from my phone, I need to get moving, going to go for a swim tonight. Bike riding is good, I have just bought one myself as my friends husband has lost 3 stone from cycling so it spurred me on. Make yourself some goals for july, just simple ones such as drink more water or eat more fruit or something look at the nearer future and concentrate on that rather than I need to lose 10 stone kind of thing.

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