Good mood Monday,

Well there’s a first for everything… being in a good mood on a Monday, am I okay I ask myself?

So it’s nearly a week since I started my healthy eating AGAIN, I am not gonna say that I am smashing it BUT I am a being a lot better and a lot more cautious than just picking up junk and feeding it to myself without even feeling guilty. I will weigh myself Wednesday to see if I have shed any pounds, at the moment I don’t feel as though I have… Just feel a bit like a whale if I’m honest.

But guess what? I have got myself a date! yes an actual date with an actual guy (who is very good looking in my opinion) I haven’t known him long but we have spoke a hell of a lot over the weekend and we seem to get on really well, so we have arranged to go for a drink on Friday night. I am actually so nervous, this will be the first date I have been on since I split up with my ex and lets face it I don’t exactly have a good body so lets hope my personality wins him over. I feel a bit better as he has told me he has weight issues in the past and shed 7 stone so I have openly admitted I struggle with my weight and it hasn’t seemed to of put him off just yet so fingers crossed for me word pressers!Β If anything at least it has give me motivation to be good this week, as I do feel sorry for him having to sit in a public establishment with me.

On Saturday.. I bought a bike! I haven’t rode it yet as I need to pump the tyres up and I am lacking a bike pump, but it was a bit impulsive but good impulsive I suppose, so I am hopefully gonna start cycling the fat away as soon as it is up and running.

Anyway just thought I would give you a little update, I may update again on Wednesday if the scales are kind to me, if not then I’m probably too embarrassed as all I seem to do on this blog is fail (but its just me being honest, if I wasn’t I may be a size 8 by now haha)

Have a good and healthy day people!

11 thoughts on “Good mood Monday,

  1. I love this update πŸ™‚ it is so good and positive!

    I am sure your date will be great, the good ones can look past weight issues πŸ™‚ expecially if they know how it feels! Losing 7 stone is an amazing achievement!

    yeay for buying a bike!! that is definitely good impulsive!
    I miss riding my bike, but the road outside my house is really busy and narrow!

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