Still not 100% better!

Well I am on day 22 of this ill streak I have going on, don’t get me wrong I am approx. 80% better but the cough is still lingering and tiredness and headaches are also still apparent now and again oh and I have a blocked ear. I still haven’t been to the gym but yesterday I did go on a 5 mile country walk (this being probably the most exercise I have done in 3 weeks) it felt good to get out and have some proper fresh air and actually break a little sweat due to exercise (wading through mud is more hard work than I had ever anticipated) rather than just being ill. Here’s a few pics I took in the process.



Still tired today not aching or anything though which is good. I haven’t weighed myself since the last time I blogged but I haven’t been completely bad with my food habits so I hope not too much movement on the scales but will weigh myself this week and see what the outcome is.

I have been following someone on instagram who is following the weight watchers diet and it seems quite good, has anyone ever done this? if so could you give me a little review (how hard it is, is there much counting etc?) I have tried slimming world in the past and I was useless at it.


26 thoughts on “Still not 100% better!

  1. Yes WW is quite good. Yes there is counting once you get into it, but it is quite easy to do. To start with they put you on Sure Start and there is no counting with that.

  2. I’ve done WW twice. First time I did great and lost over 2 stone, then I got pregnant and it went back on again. The 2nd time I struggled, couldn’t get into it at all and was yoyo-ing. I then started Juice Plus. It’s by far the best eating plan I’ve come across and has fast results. There are weigh ins and meetings with ww.

    • I’m just having a look online now to get some more info on WW I like the fact there is meetings and stuff. no disprespect to what you are doing as I think whatever works for you works and that’s good that you have found something but I have heard so many bad things about juice plus and that the weight goes back on very easy when you stop also im not into these shake/smoothie drinks as I don’t like milky/shakes etc

      • The idea is to continue with the eating plan once you’ve finished the shakes, so it’s a plan for life. It seems to be the only thing that’s worked for me where I’ve enjoyed it and felt healthy. I understand it’s not for everyone though

      • The good thing about WW is the pointing, you end up knowing how many points foods are worth so no counting required. My problem was I’d save my points for unhealthy stuff, so I was losing the weight but in completely the wrong way. They do a filling and healthy option where there is no counting or measuring, I could never get away with this as one of my main issues were my portion sizes and not knowing when to stop. Give the pointing a go, good luck!

      • thanks its only £10 for a month so I’m really debating giving it a try even just for a month to see if I can get into it. I’m quite good at counting stuff in that sense because of my fitness pal I get a bit OCD about it haha but yeah I am worried I would save all my points for the wrong types of food. do they do stuff like slimmer of the week like SW and certificates for milestones etc?

      • They do goals, 5%, 10% etc, they also do milestones and then when you get to your main goal you get to go for free. They stand you up infront of the class and talk about your story (only if you agree). It is quite motivating

      • I always did the pay monthly online thing, you got access to info and an online tracker – think that was about £20 a month at the time

      • brilliant I think its normally £21.95 now but they have an offer on so if I carry on its like £5 a week I suppose, do you have to pay for meetings as well when you go like you do for SW or is it all included? do you know..

  3. Hiya, I do weight watchers – you can go to meetings but the way I do it is with the online plan, where I track online and on my smartphone. You do have to count, but ‘points’ worked out on protein, fat, fibre and carbs not calories (it works it out for you you just input) but I find it is so much of a daily part of my routine it doesn’t matter to me anymore. Plus you get to know the points of things like chicken breast, eggs etc so you get quicker and don’t have to input everything. I have lost 1 stone 10 pounds on it 🙂 best thing is nothing is off limits – I generally eat very healthily but you don’t have to deprive yourself.

      • No problem 🙂 I did weight watchers before uni and was successful on it, and for that I attended the meetings. Then I put the weight back on after the shock of student life etc, but now I just pay for the online plan. I weigh myself at the gym as I go in a morning before breakfast and I know they’re pretty accurate, but yeah you weigh yours at home for the online plan 🙂 I think as long as you make a commitment to weighing yourself that works fine, but if you know you need the pressure of someone else telling you the numbers, then the meetings are good too.

      • No worries at all glad I could help! Yeah sounds a good plan to be honest! Good luck with yours and hope you’re feeling better soon too!

  4. Firstly, I am sorry you are still not 100% 😦

    Second, outdoor walking is awesome…and walking through mud is definitely not easy!!

    Third…I know people get good results with WW and I have my self once in the past, however I would steer clear of them and most “diet plan” “eating plan” “weight loss formula” things.
    They work, there is not doubt about it, if you stick to their rules, you will lose weight, but it doesn’t encourage thinking for yourself and making healthy eating choices outside a set framework. Which means that it doesn’t promote a change for life, it is very easy to put it back on again once you stop following their plan, in fact most people do (there are stats for this but I don’t have them to hand). The problem with WW, slimming world and all of the big (or small) weight loss plans are they are run as a business and they want people to keep paying them!

    It is better to research healthy balanced diets ( and work out your BMR and calorie requirement ( and go from there, it is only slightly more counting than WW and in the process you teach yourself healthy habits that suit you. It is far more sustainable in the long run.
    (to put it into context, I lost 5 stone with WW, stopped doing it, then put it all back on again)

    The only thing you lack with this approach is the weekly meetings…but you could always do them on here..I would support you and I am sure others would!

    • thanks cant wait to be 100% forgot how it feels to feel healthy!

      yes I agree, I love it just don’t do it enough, wading through mud is definitely a good workout pretty fun too!

      thanks for your input I much appreciate it, I have done SW in the past but I was hopeless at it and there was too much to get your head round and thinking about it you are definitely spot on with the whole money making thing. I just need some guidance/support/kick up the backside kinda thing that’s what makes me want to sign up (mainly for the groups)

      I downloaded a 12 week plan off the nhs, maybe I should try that and do weekly weigh ins on here I need to do something its getting beyond a joke now, I know i’m not back to square one or anything but potential holidays this time next year and I don’t want to look like a beached whale.

      you are such a star, you are so supportive already and very inspirational support at that! thank you I need a plan of action! haha

      • I agree about the plan of action!
        I would start with the 12 NHS plan to start with, I would also work out your BMR on the link I sent, because often people restrict too much and it makes them unhappy!

        The good thing about not joining a group or “diet plan” is it doesn’t put you in a “I’m on a diet” mentality.

        You need to be in a positive “I am making healthy changes” frame of mind and then it will work! The “I’m on a diet” mentality is depressing and demoralising and it make you think of everything you can’t have! where as if you learn to make healthy choices for yourself, but don’t actually deny yourself stuff (within reason) it all feels more doable!

        You need to work out why and when you are eating too much / the wrong things (for me it was driving and a complete addiction to sugar which I had to cut our) and look for alternatives for those times…

        It sounds simple, but believe me I know it isn’t!!

      • yeah I have done that with my personal trainer, I should be on 1700-1900 a day with at least 3 workouts a week so that’s not too restricting as I have done 1200 a day before. it just needs to be the right things I eat and it doesn’t help that I am so fussy! I have portion distortion too! haha

        yeah I am looking at it as a lifestyle change as apposed to a horrible diet it makes it more positive.

        my problems are.
        – I work at a desk all day and I do graze a lot and my job is very sedentary.
        – i think am addicted to chocolate.
        – i never plan my dinners for work because im quite frankly too lazy and i get bored of sandwiches all week.
        – i eat stupid big portions the majority of the time
        – when i cant be bothered cooking i get take outs
        – im very fussy so i tend to use this as an excuse

        but at least I’m honest. haha

      • hahahahaha!

        ok..sorry…I ma not laughing at you…it is just your list of stuff is exactly the same as mine!! right down to your BMR/calorie requirement!

        I suggest finding a lunch or a couple of lunches that you don’t mind eating during the week and sticking to those (I use microwave quinoa/bulgar wheat and add different meat…they are quite easy and healthy and not dull like sandwiches!)

        I also suggest boiled eggs for breakfast…they keep you much fuller than cereal or toast! and allow you to actually choose whether you want to snack / graze at work!

        I suspect that like me (I am fussy too) if you go to buy your lunch somewhere the “healthy option” normally has some stuff you don’t like in it!

        have you used My Fitness Pal? it allows you to log your food and calorie content and exercise similar to WW but is free…it helps you keep an eye on what you eat..if you go on it, I am on it so you can friend me 🙂 (I am samcatchpole)

        grazing at work is a hard habit to break…but It is just habit (I know because I had to break it…) and you can beat it…or make sure you have healthy snacks 🙂

        honest is good…at least you know where you need to start!

        as for chocolate addiction…I had to go cold turkey and ban it (chocolate, sweets the lot) because I wasn’t ready for moderation! strangely the less you eat, the less you want it! the only chocolate I eat now is a cadburys mousse pot in the evening 🙂

        I hope I am helping…

      • I don’t hate you for hating eggs…they are awesome but if you don’t like them then you don’t like them 🙂
        breakfast is hard…I hate milk and porridge too…

        find something high protein that you like, and have it for breakfast…whether or not it is “breakfast food”

        I hate yogurt too so that would never work for me…and most of them are annoyingly high sugar!

        I can’t find you on MFP either…it is being annoying!

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