Cannot shift this illness!

Day 8 of being ill and I cannot shift it!

Went to the local GP Led centre last night because I couldn’t cope with the coughing any longer (been coughing that much my insides hurt and I keep being sick) and apparently it is a bacterial infection that they can do nothing for? So here I am sat in my office dosed up on pain killers, cough medicines and throat lozenges. Fun fun fun!

I really want to get back to the gym, I have come to realise it is probably going to be back to square one (fitness wise) when I make a return which isn’t ideal but I think I’m going to try and give some early morning swims a go when I am fully recovered!

Anyway that’s just a little update on moi! Have a good week people of wordpress! 🙂

p.s I am nearing 200 followers, thank you everyone for your continued support and following!

23 thoughts on “Cannot shift this illness!

  1. 😦 I am sorry you are still ill!!
    you need to rest completely, and sleep a lot so your body can fight this off…which begs the question…why are you in work???
    I know, it is what we do and workplaces don’t seem to see illnesses as real, but you really need to get proper rest, bacterial infections take energy to fight!

    also woohoo on 200 (nearly) followers!

    • thank you, I’m finding it hard to sleep because I keep myself awake by coughing but I did manage to have about 3 naps yesterday which made getting up for work today a little easier, the only reason I am here is because I don’t get paid for being off sick and I cant afford time off 😦 think I may be swerving college tonight though and hopefully getting a good meal down me (that stays down) and an early night!

      • That really sucks 😦

        you really have to rest as much as possible though, or you will end up making yourself sicker and have to have time off any way!
        early night… yes definitely!
        food…yes…keep trying to eat, you need the energy!!
        and sleep propped up, it sometimes helps with the coughing…although it is not comfy but you might get more sleep that way!
        (I am aware as I write this, that I would be exactly the same, and wouldn’t follow any of my own advice!)

      • honestly any advice is good advice at the minute, ive been googling all weekend how to get rid or even just to have a half decent sleep, my dad offered to make me my favourite meal (lamb dinner) I know its not a traditional Monday dish but im looking forward to it and its relatively healthy! Gonna have a steamy shower too before I hit the hay tonight, it seems to help slightly. I have tried sleeping propped up but it hurts my back and that’s sore anyhow from coughing, I’ve found sleeping on my left side is the best way for me at the moment so will just battle through and hopefully I’m on the road to recovery. I must sound like a right wimp moaning over this but I’m never normally ill and this has been worse than anything I’ve ever had and toncilitus is up there with the worst haha

        have you tried coconut water yet?

      • A bacterial infection is not a nice thing, especially in the chest and coughing is awful! I had a cough this year for the first time in a bout 10 years!

        all I can suggest is as much sleep as possible and lots of vitamin c and zinc! they boost the immune system! when I was sick I was taking 3000mg of vic c a day, I have the effervescent tablets with added zinc…I firmly believe they help! also drinking them in a pint of water helps keep you hydrated which also helps getting better!
        I know it is better to get vitimins and such from foods but when ill I would say take as many immune boosting supplements as possible!

        I have not tried coconut water…I am a big wimp when it comes to trying new things…

      • its weird you say that actually I stopped taking my vit c tabs about a month ago because I took one and it made me feel really sicky? I take zinc because I get coldsores and also passiflora? not sure that’s how it is spelt but apparently its good for building up the immune system so i’ll continue with that and just try and take as much care of myself as I can, glad my taste is coming back a little though although I have been off chocolate for a week and a bit because of it haha!

        Im not sure where you’re from, but im guessing England.. if so if you have a home bargains near you coconut water is only 19p the zico one as well so get stocking up haha!

      • definitely start taking vitamin c again…I believe it is magic and stops all illnesses! I only get ill when I forget to take it! (at least that is what I believe anyway!)

        I am from England…horsham, west sussex in fact 🙂 was it my tendency towards english spelling that gave me away, or my relentless use of phrases like “faffing about” and “rubbish” 😀

        (note my concentration on the English thing, thus neatly avoiding any reference to my reluctance to try coconut water :-p)

      • I will it just put me off because of that one time, I do eat a hell of a lot of oranges though haha!

        my geography isn’t too good but I’m guessing you are miles from me, I’m from the sunny little seaside town of blackpool haha. I guessed you were English by your fluent (non Americanised) replies and comments and understanding of my typos and laziness to correct them half the time!

        well when you do eventually try ait and you think its the best thing since sliced bread you can thank me later haha!

      • yeah, I am a fair way from Blackpool, I am about 1/2 an hour away from the south coast!
        although I am originally from Hull…so not that far 🙂

        Hmmm…when (if) I try it I will definitely blame…ahem…I mean “thank” you :-p

      • I’d like to be! I love it there!!

        even though I once fell off Helvellyn and broke my leg the Lake district is still one of my favourite places!

      • I envy you living close enough to visit it frequently 🙂
        (although I am not sure about the whole living in lancashire thing :-p)

        I am so far away from any mountains here…the south downs are pretty hill but just not the same!

      • how rude! nothing wrong with good old Lancashire haha!

        I do like to visit down south from time to time normally London for me but I have been to newquay which I loved think that’s the opposite side to you but you lot down there get better weather hah

      • hehe…as a person who originates from the opposite side of the pennines, I can’t condone Lancashire :-p
        (even though I did live in Manchester for a year)

        we do get better weather down here, I didn’t believe it at first, but it is true…

      • I hated manchester…but I was doing my teaching practice so I would probably have hated anywhere I did that!

        hmmm…I am not sure Hull is a good example of reasons to like the east side of the pennines…but a lot of Yorkshire is pretty awesome! 🙂

  2. i feel your illness pain. i’ve been enjoying my bike riding, but can’t shift my sore-throated cough, and it’s always worse after i’ve been heaving n huffing my big self around, so i’ve decided to not do any this week. but i’m missing it more than i expected. here’s hoping you feel better soon.

    • sorry to hear you are suffering with it too, well done on actually getting on your bike though I seriously think I would pass out just trying to get mine out of the shed the way I am feeling. As soon as I can breathe substantially again I will get myself back to the gym but no point at the moment as I know just walking up the stairs to it would kill me off haha

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