Have YOU ever suffered from..

GERD? acid reflux? whatever you want to call it.. That pain/stingy/uncomfortable feeling just below your throat near your chest? Pretty much like heartburn.

If so has anyone got any remedies for it? After having this chest infection I have had it for nearly 5 days on and off especially at bedtime. I’m guessing there is a link between it and my weight but never really hear of it..

I’ve done a bit of googling but it was useless it told me to eat a full apple to get rid of it, so I did and guess what? I was up for nearly two hours in stupid amounts of discomfort with it? 

15 thoughts on “Have YOU ever suffered from..

  1. I have never had it sorry 😦 but from a purely scientific point of view something chalky / alkaline might help…

    something with high calcium might help, like milk…it might neutralise the acid…

    I am not an expert by the way, this is totally made up based on the name acid reflux…

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