It’s been a while..

Hello Strangers..

Firstly apologies for abandoning this blog for over a month! I’ve missed you all, so here I am again.. Hope you have all been good over the Easter period! Guess what? I haven’t (at least act surprised) to be fair though the lead up to Easter was worse than the actual holiday itself, I have had a chest infection since Saturday (the day after good Friday) so I haven’t ate much as I can’t taste much which is probably a blessing in disguise!

As of the week before last  weighed in at 18st 7lbs, which meant this is the lowest I have been all year so I must of been doing something right but I haven’t weighed myself since and I’m guessing that maybe all these Easter eggs may of caught up with me. My gym routine has been lacking as well which isn’t good as I was really enjoying it but I am just lacking energy at the moment. I did go for a swim on Saturday (before the illness hit) and did 25 lengths which pretty much killed me because of my chest. Even walking up the stairs is making me breathless at the moment, I’m hoping it will shift asap and I can get back on track at least gym wise anyway!

So enlighten me with your news over the past month? What have I missed?

I promise to at least update this once every 10 days or so as of now!  

6 thoughts on “It’s been a while..

  1. woohoo welcome back!

    eeek…sorry you have been ill! I hope you are on the mend! Getting to the gym while you are ill is hard work, just keep moving as much as you can even if it is just sort walks…but don’t make yourself worse!!

    well done on being the lowest weight all year, that is awesome! I hope the Easter eggs haven;t had too much effect!!
    (I managed to avoid chocolate all easter…I have no idea how!)

    • thank you! I came back on and guess who’s blog got the first read.. yours! you are such and inspiration and well done on your pb’s! How you have kept it up for near 300 days is beyond me but I routing for you all the way to the end!

      Thank you I’m feeling slightly better today so hopefully will be cleared by the end of the week and I can get my a**e back into gear! I will let you know if the easter eggs have been evil and i’ll weigh myself tonight/tomorrow morning! Congrats on making it through easter without chocolate passing your lips! That is one hell of an achievement!

  2. Welcome back! Don’t worry, you’re certainly not the only person who may have gone a little overboard this Easter. It’s good to allow yourself to indulge every now and again. Just pick yourself back up and jump on the horse, you can do it! 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment, I wish I could say its just easter where I let myself over indulge but it’s not oops! I have lack of willpower and chocolate is just the answer to everything (or so I think) haha

      • Hahaha well as a chocoholic I can confirm that chocolate is indeed the answer to everything! You’ll be right, just stick with the exercise and allows yourself a treat every now and again. 🙂

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