Raspberry Ketones..

anyone use/used them? If so are they any good?

How do you take them, in a sense of 3 a day after each meal or what? & do you take anything alongside them?

Educate me please..

21 thoughts on “Raspberry Ketones..

  1. I have never tried them, so I have no first hand experience…but I have tried other similar things occasionally in the past. I developed a skeptical attitude to things like this, and firmly believe that they don’t really work.

    they may have a slight effect, but all these supplements state somewhere that to work they have to be used in conjunction with calorie controlled diet / certain eating patterns / diet and exercise regime…all of which would probably work without the supplement.

    what tends to happen is taking the pill/potion reminds people that they should be eating / behaving a certain way and it is the behavior change that works.

    of all the things that I have tried, the only thing that works is diet and exercise change.

    THis is just my experience mind you, others may think differently 🙂

      • I know exactly how that feels!!

        As a teenager I was barely a (UK) size 8 and weighed 7 stone! and even in my 20s at uni I was a size 10.

        it is frustrating isn’t it!

      • yeah, me too!

        When I was size 8-10 I really thought I was fat…annoying isn’t it!

        never mind…onward and upward (or in fact downwards on the scale 😉 ) the best thing to do is something and we are both doing that 😀

      • I decided to make fitness the focus rather than weight, and made a wild claim about doing something every day, the healthier eating just followed on after a couple of weeks as it seemed silly to do all that exercise and sabotage myself with eating. food wise, I have mostly given up sugar and over processed food and have a rough calorie goal but am not being too crazy religious about it and it seems to be working…
        You will find what works…and then it will just click 🙂

      • haha 🙂 it is a skill I have learned…to channel my stubborn, obsessive nature into something useful 🙂

        Believe me I went through plenty of lying to myself about what I was eating and things not working before my brain switch flipped…

      • would you say your fitness levels have increased massively? I cant even think of me running for more than a minute I have never been a runner wantsoever but I would love to just go for a jog and not think shit im gonna die

      • they really really have!

        I have never been a runner really,and I am not built for running even when skinny, but I can do it now, and I can run (still intervals) for an hour!

        The main things I notice is being able to do far more things like dancing dance after dance with only a minute or two break or doing a pt session none stop for an hour.

        it creeps up on you though, and my brain hasn’t really caught up. I have to look back at the start and see how far I have come…and even more than that look back before the start when I first took up morris dancing and could hardly get through one dance without needing to stop!

      • that’s so good, yeah I can make it through a class etc but make me run for 1 minute and I feel like im having a heart attack, im hoping all this zumba and group kick will help with my cardio!

      • I am sure it will 🙂

        I can recommend running, and the couch to 5k program, it gets you fit very quickly and you can see improvement really fast!

        and the first session only gets you to run in 1 min intervals…I couldn’t even complete all of the 1 mins when i first did it!
        it seems to be the one thing that you see progress in really fast and it burns a lot of calories

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