Progress.. or not so much.

I feel like I am working bum off and seeing absolutely no results. You are all probably sick of hearing me say this but on Monday I got back on the scales and I was back up to 18st 12lbs. WHY!!! Unless tomorrow when I go to the docs I am told I have some sort of medical problem there is no need for this whatsoever, so all I can do is wait for my doctors appointment tomorrow night. I am going to be so embarrassed standing on them scales!

I am forever thinking about my weight and new ways to make it more fun/interesting etc so my latest is non food incentives for half stone goals. I am thinking along the lines of half a stone = a sunbed course or a hair appointment etc something to make me feel a bit better in myself along with this weight loss that is apparently never going to happen.

The gym has become my second home, I am there 5 times a week. Tonight I am trying ‘group kick’ which was formally known as Les Mills ‘body combat’ nervous but excited, I would love to be able to get into something like this as apparently it is one of the best cardio classes to do along with Zumba. I will let you know how I get on next time I post.

LASTLY! I am thinking of giving up chocolate for lent. Yes you read that right… CHOCOLATE you know that tasty brown stuff I claim to be addicted to? It’s a thought at the moment but I think it would do me the world of good & seen as it takes 21 days to pick up or break a habit lent has 40 so it could be a good plan!

9 thoughts on “Progress.. or not so much.

  1. Hi body combat is great cardio…but I can’t take it seriously as there are so many people in the class who take it very seriously indeed and who seem to have forgotten it is a non-contact exercise class which will give them no real martial arts/boxing skills at all!

    However…it is great cardio so go for it…and it is much better than zumba!

    • I love Zumba I used to be a dancer though so that is probably why, I have done body combat before and hate it as the women was taking the mick out my squats she was like ‘you’re not in zumba now!’ Im not very manly in that sense but I will give it a shot now its changed and see what happens, just worried I wont make it through the class haha

      • From what I hear, and the amount of people who love Zumba, I think I got 2 bad zumba classes. Neither of them were remotely energetic or much like dancing… (I love dancing too)

        Noone should take the mick out of your squats…that is a bad teaching method! they can tell you to go further down if possible but being rude is never called for!!

        If they do that again just remember, they take themselves too seriously and body combat is a fun(ish) exercise class but it is just that 😀
        If they take the mick again I;ll come to your class and accidentally hit them for you if you like 😀

        (disclaimer…I have no idea where you actually live…but if I am in the area…)

      • I love it you must of had bad classes, I did go to one last night and it was basically an hour of side stepping with a grapevine here and there, was the worst class I have ever done!

        I know the women was about 60 with a crop top on and a 6 pack on show so I wasn’t going to argue with her haha but im used to pliés not squats haha!

        haha thank you I will let you know if this instructor is any nicer and forgiving when it comes to me acting ‘tough’ and not a big girl (in more ways than one) if shes horrible too you can put your body combat skills into action and drop kick them both!

  2. I think air is becoming fattening personally as I too am struggling, and it is ridiculous with how much I have to lose.

    • haha i love this comment I am feeling your pain massively! yeah I need to lose about 10 stone but trying to focus on smaller goals at the min as i’m not getting anywhere! I hope things pick up for you and you start to see some progression soon!

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