you call it valentines day, I call it Friday.

Happy Friday people! Couldn’t give a f**k that it is valentines day seen as I am a singleton and all that jazz!

So my progress is what you want to know about seen as that is why you all follow me, I jumped on the scales this morning and I have lost 2lb since Monday, so that’s 5lb overall lets just hope this time I can keep it off over the weekend seen as that is my biggest downfall!

Exercise wise I didn’t make it to the gym Wednesday night because of the UK storms we had going on and there was a red warning from the met office in order to stay indoors basically, so I abided by this and stayed in and caught up on sleep by having a having an extremely early night. Then yesterday the gym had a power cut, all fun and games when your in the pool and its pitch black.. still managed to do my boot camp class and a few weights though so I cant complain.

This weekend I am at a house party so drinking is on the cards BUT I am going to try and not go silly and just have a couple. Also have good intentions for the gym this weekend and coming week too.. I have a ‘progression week’ at college meaning basically I wont be in on Monday and Tuesday so I am free for a change. Here’s a list of the upcoming bookings I have class wise for the gym. 




No one can say I’m not putting the effort in can they hey!

Also have another docs appointment book for next Thurs to get my blood test results. Fingers crossed I’m all healthy in that respect and I’m not working my ass off for nothing! & also going to do my measurements at some point this weekend in hope they are going down and not up.

Anyway hope everyone has a lovely weekend, lets see what Monday brings!

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