Fighting a losing battle..

So that half a stone was actually 3lbs, 3lbs in two weeks just isn’t good enough. I am working my arse off and nothing is to show for it. Feeling pretty rubbish right now. No one is to blame but myself though, these cheat days are turning into cheat weekends & it needs to stop now.

Truly feel like I’m just at war with myself.

It’s Monday so I should start again and maybe give cheat day a miss this weekend. My blood results should be back this week also and maybe a measuring session might be a bit more positive than jumping on the scales.

12 thoughts on “Fighting a losing battle..

      • I can understand that, but the overall trend is in the right direction…so it is more important to think that you are still going in the right direction rather than thinking about the negatives!
        ( I am aware that is much easier said than done!!)
        keep doing what you are doing and if there are things you could do better then change little things…but remember no-one is perfect and putting pressure on yourself to be perfect all the time is unhealthy 😀

      • yeah it is true I suppose, least its down and not up, but I feel like I could do so much better but I am generally finding it really hard so I am just going to have to persevere and hope that it keeps going in the right direction, thanks for your comments 🙂

      • I have a sneaky suspicion that no matter how well we do, we will always feel like we could do better! (at least that is how I feel!) we just have to look at the positive!
        Keep going!! 😀

    • Unless you persevere you don’t stand any chance of success, so keep at it. I’m not sure if the focus on your weight is the ultimate goal, perhaps you want to consider something more nebulous that is an outcome of your lifestyle. A natural outcome.

  1. A loss is a loss! Good effort.

    I’ve read through your blog and have a couple of suggestions from a fellow dieter and exerciser.

    I notice you’re doing a lot of cardio but not a lot of strength (forgive me if I’m wrong). There are some easy strength exercises you can work on at home that see good results fast. Things like squats, lunges, push-ups, planks, crunches. Building your strength up means you burn more calories doing cardio.

    Strength train 2-3 times per week (leaving 48 hours between sessions), you will feel yourself getting stronger each time!

    Also, try ordering your groceries online. Less impulse purchases! Out of sight, out of mind.

    I know it’s hard, but try and suppress chocolate cravings with water. Every time you want chocolate, take a sip. You may end up training your mind out of the craving. Also, if late night snacking is an issue, brush your teeth straight after dinner. Anything you eat will taste rubbish.

    Just a couple of suggestions for you. Good luck, and I hope you continue to see the scales come down.

    • Brilliant thank you for your comment, re the strength comment I do quite a bit at the gym, pilates and group power are mainly focussing on them and I also do weights etc they are in my gym programme. So I will try to do some more at home, will defo take that on board.

      The only thing about ordering shopping online is that I am one of these people who wont take the first thing off the shelf and I have to route at the back and then find the best best before date etc.

      I will try the water approach thank you, seem to be drinking that much of the stuff the toilet is my second home. Late night eating isn’t too much of a problem.

      Thank you so much for the comment it is really helpful, good luck to you also 🙂

  2. So easy to get discouraged…but just keep doing the food watching and exercise and things will go the right way. Expectation is a great killer…it demotivates us and sends us on binges of “what the!!”…and that then sets up the cycle of misery and guilt…so just keep calm, keep doing and keep resisting the binges on whatever and things will pan out.

  3. I turn to juicing when I get stagnant. Although you are losing weight. But I understand your frustration. I usually do a 3-5 day juice fast, and it gets my body back in tune. Keep up the fight!

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