Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday!

Woooooohooooooo! It’s Friday! Only a few hours of work then 2 lush days off.

I’m aching pretty badly today, Wednesday I went to group power and ended up staying for Pilates too, then last night I did aqua bootcamp. On tonight’s agenda I have spinning and 10 hours of fasting for my bloods in the morning (no I have still not had them done, slacking!) Saturday is zumba day and a bit of gym and Sunday consists of a good gym session and a swim.

I weighed myself again this morning (annoyed myself if I’m honest because it really grates on me when people weigh themselves all the time) BUT I am weighing in at half a stone lighter. So that would be a 7lb loss in 11 days. If the scales read this on Monday and last weeks antics don’t decide to catch up with me I will be super happy.

Anyway just thought I would keep you all updated.

Enjoy the weekend folks!


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