it’s nearly february!

I cannot believe it is one day till the end of January, how fast has that flown by!

Unless I turn to alcohol tonight or tomorrow I will have officially completed dry January! 31 whole days and nights where not one sip of alcohol has passed my lips. I sound like some sort of alcoholic, I’m not I promise but I do intend to make up for it on Saturday night for my first night out of 2014.

So a month has passed, a very busy month at that. I am amazed by my gym efforts, I have kept it up right the way through the month and intend to carry on going. On Monday I started back properly on my orlistat tablets prescribed by the nurse, I will weigh myself next Monday to see how I am getting on. In regard to the chocolate addiction I have got going on when on these tablets they do say avoid anything chocolaty/crisps/sweets etc as you are only allowed 30g of fat per day (10g per meal) so I am allowing myself a freddo a day! Small but satisfying.

Having my bloods done next Tuesday so will be back at the nurse with the results in a couple of weeks hopefully so fingers crossed I am just fat and not sporting some kind of thyroid problem or something.

So yeah there is a little summary of my month, the next couple are going to be stressful regarding work, college and uni but hopefully can keep getting losses on them inches!

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