My weigh in showed that I have maintained, no change whatsoever the scales didn’t even flicker between two numbers like they do sometimes. I suppose it’s not a bad thing but it isn’t particularly good; least I haven’t put anymore on! Thinking back to reasons this could be..

– maybe I have put on some muscle from all the exercise, after all muscle does weight more than fat.

– it could be I am storing some water seen as I have been drinking as much as possible.

– or it could be I’m a fat girl with fat girl problems such as my addiction to chocolate!

It is nearing the time where I need to measure myself, I am hoping this shows some positive results or I am going to have to up my game massively! I know its a marathon and not a sprint all this losing weight malarkey but with my track record of losing and gaining weight like its not a problem surely I should see some results, even if they are tiny.

I have a few more gym classes booked this week and I am still enjoying it loads, actually hate not going on Monday and Tuesdays, hopefully this will stick and the exercising motivation will carry on then I am at least 30% of the way there! Apparently abs are made in the kitchen not the gym – 70% diet, 30% exercise. Even if I am a very long way off shredding these layers that are covering these abs at least I am on the right track! 

To those of you who read my blog about being addicted to chocolate and commented with your suggestions thank you, I looked up the mousse idea and I’m going to go with it. Morrisons have a range called NU ME and they do chocolate mousses so I am going to try and curve my cravings into them instead, I think they are approx. 1.9g of fat so I can still eat them whilst on orlistat, just not over indulge on them!


6 thoughts on “Maintainin’ell

  1. How often do you weigh yourself? I weigh 2-3 times a week to get a good running average of how things are progressing. I use an app on my phone called Libra which gives a nice trend weight from that data… but there are websites that can log the data for you like that too.

    If you’re sore from exercising then you’re undoubtedly retaining water there.

    It’s funny because I find psychologically it’s toughest to stay on track when you hit a plateau like this, but this is the time when you really do need to put your nose to the grindstone and work through it. You’ll get there!!

    • Thanks for your comment, I weigh myself once a week and I personally think that is sometimes too often I’m not saying its right or wrong its just my opinion I also think the scales aren’t a great way of motivation as they don’t have any consideration for water retention etc, this is why I am also gonna measure myself and taking pictures if my measurements are showing positive results that will make me happier than seeing the scales drop. I will definitely check out the app though I normally track mine on my fitness pal.

      Thank you Im hoping some kind of miracle happens haha!

  2. I think the key is definitely to do whatever motivates you the most. The only problem is to find a middle ground to make sure you are being honest with yourself about whether your plan is working or not, because if it isn’t you have to adjust until it does work.

    I definitely found that clothing fit and measuring tape changes were the biggest motivator for me and I read something very interesting online that specifically says that if a goal is not motivating to you, then it’s not fulfilling its purpose anymore – it is very important to feel motivated to achieve whatever your goal is, or it becomes a burden and is then demotivating more than anything else!

    I’ve chosen to rather try to fit into my UK14 / Size 38 jeans over any other kind of ‘success’, no matter what the scale says. I once went down 3 dress sizes and barely lost 5kgs! Muscle plays a huge role if you are exercising regularly and lifting heavy.

    I totally agree with the taking pictures thing, especially in the same clothing. We see ourselves every single day, it is so hard to notice changes in ourselves 😀 I took progress photos once every two weeks and measured myself once every two weeks too.

    • yes I can agree with you here for sure, I think scales are quit evil but yes I am aiming to get back into a pair of jeans I used to love. I have put myself on a buying clothes ban until I lose some weight too so this keeps me motivated to fit back into stuff. Yeah I also read the more muscle you have the more calories you burn! I love doing my weight sessions at the gym so hoping that will help me!

      Good luck getting into your jeans and hopefully we can keep each other motivated!

  3. Great post, NU are a lovely range so their NU ME range will likely be very good too. Excellent! And yes, just keep going, that exercise is doing you the world of good health wise, and likely you will see it on the measuring tape and your shape rather than immediately via the scales.

    • it could be NU I might just be making NU ME up but im sure that’s what it is called! haha they do white chocolate mousses though im so excited haha! yeah cant grumble at the exercise that I am doing so just need to keep it up! thanks for you comment very inspiring as always 🙂

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