Addicted to chocolate…

2 weeks into the new year, I’m feeling majorly fed up and lacking motivation.

I have done super well on the exercising front Monday & Tuesdays have become rest days seen as I do a 13 hour working day but apart from that the gym has become my second home. I’m enjoying it BUT its my motivation towards food that I have lost..


This ^ ..I go in a shop and I’m surrounded by either discounted Christmas chocolates or new Easter chocolates that are on offer! GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME ALONE (for a couple of months at least) I think I have come to the conclusion I am addicted to chocolate.

I am trying my best to eat well & clean but all I want is chocolate. I don’t know if its because I am trying not to have it I want it more but whatever it is needs to stop. Any suggestions?

13 thoughts on “Addicted to chocolate…

  1. Bless! I agree with you, although thankfully do not share your liking of chocolate. So my suggestion is likely useless…but how about Polo mints? Or even two finger kit Kats? Not sooo bad….unless of course once you start you can’t stop! There told you it was useless. I’ll shut up now!

    • Oh dear! It is a nightmare for choco lovers! Maybe not the Kit kats then if you can’t stop. I am like that with buttered crumpets. How about the low cal chocolate mousse? Think I may be getting warmer…

  2. I’m totally the same. I love chocolate. Lots. I’ve found chocolate Mouses are a good way of helping the cravings. Also something called chocolate shot which is a low fat low sugar liquid stuff that you can put into porridge cakes hot chocolate. All sorts. 14 calories per tablespoon. I have it in porridge and it’s scrummy. I found it with the hot chocolate stuffs. Nom.

  3. Maybe try to have some chocolate milk? Or chocolate soya drink – that’s even better and probably lower in fat and calories 🙂
    What I also find useful is to have bite size chocolate bars – 1 of them should be enough to stop craving chocolate and will make you feel better 🙂
    I hope it helps!

  4. Its ok to have dark chocolate and it is actually recommended to have one square (ghiradelli size) a day. It provides antioxidants and such. The one that is really fattening is the milk chocolate. You should try vegan chocolate too!

  5. Dark chocolate can be good when dieting in small amounts give yourself a small piece of 70% dark cholate when you can not quench your need for chocolate with fruit seeds or nuts, why stop yourself having a tiny pleasure enjoy it but keep in your mind that this is your treat an keeping your gym routine up to date will keep things on track, If your worried about the calories burn the extra of in gym session ! Everything in moderation is the way your life will be from now on so ration yourself with pleasures, keep going , deep breaths and feel proud of every achievement you make x

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