What a disaster!

I have put on 3 pounds, taking my weight to 18st 9lbs nearly back to that starting weight.

WOW I feel depressed & yes my fed up mood is still continuing. I am annoyed because I have worked my arse off at the gym since the 2nd of Jan.

Last night my friend has booked her birthday apartment for the first weekend in June. So as of this and my break up my main two motivations at the moment are

– not to be the fattest on my friends birthday night out, I have approx 5 months to shed some pounds. Also to be able to find a half decent dress to fit into.

– I want to be able to upload pics to Facebook and my ex feel like he’s made the biggest mistake ever. Nothing like a bit of revenge.


So there you have it, I have failed at the first hurdle but I suppose I will just have to get back up and try again.


11 thoughts on “What a disaster!

  1. Keep going strong! You just have to find what works for you and your body! Keep your head high and don’t let this kill you, okay? You totally got it and will flaunt it at your friends birthday party!

    • Thank you for your comment, words like this really do help spur me on! Like I said I will try and bounce back and hope that next week will be a better week and hopefully get these 3 pounds off so I’m at least back to where I was!

      • You absolutely will! And remember, weight fluctuates a lot; especially when you start losing. If you’re water intake is much higher then it was before you started, a lot of it could be due to water as your body is holding it because it’s not use to being able to let it go so quickly. There could be multiple reasons so keep strong. I love your mentality!

      • Thank you! I have been trying to uptake my water intake so you could be spot on!

        I think I will feel better when I measure myself in a couple of weeks time, apparently you put on weight when exercising more but lose inches so we will see! I will do this you are right!

        Also good luck to yourself I hope you achieve your goals!

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