Gillian Michaels 30 day shred day one review

Sorry for boring you with all my posts today but just thought I’d share my thoughts on this workout DVD with you all, well those who are interested.

Firstly.. I feel sick and my legs are shaking. So it must of worked me but I do think I was using weights that were too heavy especially to start off with but overall I enjoyed it, maybe because it was only half an hour long. It’s in circuits of strength, cardio and and which I thought was good as I’m not fit enough for 30 mins of solid cardio just yet.

I think it could possibly get a bit repetitive but I’ll stick it out a few more foes and hopefully move up to level 2 and see what that entails.

Worth the £4 I spent on it though that’s for sure.


11 thoughts on “Gillian Michaels 30 day shred day one review

  1. Would you recommend it for a 275 pound person? I’m looking to add new routines for optimal success, because currently, I go for about 30minutes to 1 hour on the treadmill and only manage 1.8km (1.1miles)-3.7km (2.3miles), so if there’s anything better, then I’m up for it.
    Is it hard to do, like going out of breath wise?

  2. go for it, its convenient if you need to do a quick but effective workout and you cannot get to the gym with it being 30mins including warm up and cool down. it’s one of the cheapest yet best rated I have seen also! let me know how you get on if you decide to go for it. P.S if you do go for it you need some lightish weights, I reckon a good old fashioned can of beans in each hand would do the trick though!

  3. I know others who have used that same DVD and although they say it kills!! all have reaped the rewards and are well pleased with the results…so keep on trying and going with it. x And thanks for dropping my blog No More Wobbly Bits. Perhaps we can all inspire each other!

    • thanks for your comment, I love to see people are actually reading what I am writing. I am gonna pursue with it and see what happens, its mainly for when I cant make it to the gym but omg my abs (somewhere under all them layers of fat) are aching today! Yes inspiring each other sounds like a plan, love to see how other people are getting on!

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