Motivational Quotes!

I love a motivational quote, I do think they work.

I’m doing a page on my scrapbook on them and was wondering if you could all comment with your favourite ones so I can put them in!

It doesn’t have to be weight loss related it can be anything…

5 thoughts on “Motivational Quotes!

  1. Weight loss is a scam unless you are willing to go on and remain on a starvation diet for the rest of your life. If you have to lose weight for health reasons then you don’t have a choice and you will have to starve yourself but if you are relatively healthy then the extra pounds will not take off that many years from your biological lifespan. Strenuous exercise does not help you lose weight but just makes you hungrier and you will eat more. Relax, you are not a movie star and being plump is actually beautiful if you have seen any of Ruben’s paintings in a museum or on the internet. Relax and eat only when you are hungry and enjoy life as much as possible with your present weight. Best wishes. Uldis.

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