The aim for 2014..



2014 is fast approaching, only 11 days of 2013 left! To be honest I will be quite glad to see the back of it..

I know you don’t have to use a new year as an excuse to start a new diet/lifestyle but I’m doing just that. Starting at the end of November was all good till it was my birthday and Christmas parties etc so I’m planning on getting Christmas out the way and starting a complete fresh.

After blogging the other day about making goals, I had some great feedback and took some time to decide what the plan of action is going to be BUT I think I may finally have one!

I’m going to weigh myself weekly, on a Wednesday morning (as the 1st falls on a Wednesday) and every 4th Wednesday I am going to measure myself as I am not a fan of the scales I don’t think they show a true reflection all the time. Along with the measuring I am going to take a pic to hopefully start physically seeing results throughout the process. I think this might keep me motivated, well that’s what I’m hoping for anyway. I am aiming for 2lbs a week on the scales and a collective 4inches for my measurements.

Regarding a routine/lifestyle change I will be going back on the Orlistat tablets as of the first and hoping to introduce some exercise now I have a good idea of what I can and can’t eat on them. There is no point me spouting I will be getting up at 6am every morning and doing a strenuous gym workout because that is not the case. However I am going to try and introduce some morning workouts, not saying they will be successful as I do work full time, do a full time degree and a college course along side that. I know they say not having time is a bad excuse but I do start my week off with 2 13 hour working days.

I will be using workout dvds such as 30 days shred, Josie Gibson’s 30 second slim, Insanity to hopefully incorporate some home workouts when I am short of time, I won’t be doing them religiously as I am going to try and get to the gym and do some classes there as much as possible. Also got myself a diary specifically for all this so I can write down my weigh in results/measurements and keep a food diary and exercise log.

My friend has also suggested making a scrapbook, she has sent me a lovely book to do it in and she found this helped her so I will hopefully try and use that idea also.

I’m feeling very determined, almost that determined i’m hurrying Christmas out the way to get started! But as of tomorrow I have a lovely 17 days off work so I’m hoping to make the most of them and enjoy Christmas as much as possible and then get cracking in the new year! I know people say ‘it’s going to be MY year!’ but it really is, I have planned a couple of new years resolutions not all weight based but my partner is going to teach me how to play the guitar (I wanted to take up a new hobby) and I also want to sort my finances out & put as much effort into my studying as I can. So yeah 2014 IS GOING TO BE MY YEAR!


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