Making goals..

Just been having a think about making some goals for 2014 seen as it is fast approaching.. I was wondering how people go about making goals and how they make them realistic and reachable? I want to push myself as much as possible but I don’t want them to be impossible, I feel as though making goals will help my motivation but was just wondering if anyone had any advice or tips?

Do I make them weekly, 2 weekly or monthly? Do I go for goalsΒ regarding justΒ my weight? Or do I do it by inches or what?

I’m a bit clueless where to start and if anyone has any plans they are willing to send me or apps they may use I would greatly appreciate it!

Plus I am interested in what you plan on doing to better yourself in the new year, whether it be weight related or not?

33 thoughts on “Making goals..

  1. You need to decide what you want to change, be it appearance, strength, fitness levels etc? Be it weightloss for example I prefer focusing on either measurements or actual fat loss readings apposed to weight. Once you’ve decided what direction you want to take then you’re half way there!

      • I’d definitely recommend that! I’d suggest your arms (both sides), bust, waist, hips and thighs πŸ™‚ and most importantly use the mirror over the scales. Chances are you’re wanting to change your body’s composition, and not it’s weight.

        I’d say over a month between 1-2 inches from all of the above sites would be a great healthy loss!

  2. I’m going for weight and will add in inch loss once I start hitting the gym. I’m also using monthly goals. Small and achievable so I can keep myself on the straight and narrow. I hope!! πŸ™‚

  3. Step by step πŸ™‚ I like to make my goals seem as though they are easier to achieve. Breaking them down into weekly successes. I’m hoping to lose 29lbs in 4 months! Though I am not sure if that’s a healthy amount so I will be happy with half of that even πŸ™‚
    Looking at 1-2lbs a week!! Good luck! Enjoy your holidays! I also have 17 days off … Looking forward to actually haven the time to work out without it being a hassle after a long days work πŸ™‚

    • Hey! thanks for the comment! 1-2lbs a week I have been told is a good amount to aim for as its not too much, I do believe the faster you lose it the easier it is to put it back on whereas I would say 1-2lbs is a good steady goal! I think i’m gonna weigh myself weekly and measure myself monthly and hope for about 2lbs a week loss and 4 inches in total a month so it could be like half an inch off my legs + 2 off my stomach + 1 off my chest and half off my arms if that makes sense?

      I know the feeling about the 17days off situation, feels amazing! not even going to talk about work/studying for the duration haha! My first bit of time off since May so I would say it is well deserved!

      Good luck on your journey and keep me posted, love to know how you get on!

      • That is definitely a good point! I think I needed to hear that actually! Thank you πŸ™‚
        Sounds like we have pretty similar goals and very Achievable!

        Good idea, take the days off and focus just on yourself!!!
        Thanks, you as well! It’s cool we are pretty much in the same boat it sounds. Goal wise … Days off wise hahah !

      • No problem, just has a quick look at your blog you have done amazingly already I hope to have done what you have done this next year then hopefully I can be just as close the following year! Like I say its a marathon not a sprint!

        Hope your days off allow you to focus on yourself, I’m hoping to get a good routine into place and carry it on when I am back at work and college!

      • Oh thank you so much!! πŸ™‚ you know before I never would dream of posting those pictures but when you do it once and the positivity that comes out it makes it all worth it hah.

        Do you have a certain routine or work out that is your “go to”? I find hot yoga and insanity (at home work out DVD) gave me the best results !

        That’s a great idea ! I can’t remember exactly what I read but something along the lines of it takes 21 or so days to break/create a new habit… So with 17 I’m sure you can do it πŸ™‚

      • There should be no shame, you look amazing and I’m sure it has given you the motivation from the positivity to reach your new goals for the new year!

        I try and go to the gym as much as possible a personal trainer has set me a programme up there so I follow that, I also try to walk a lot (I cant run) I have tried to get into insanity but this sounds like an awful excuse but I don’t have the room for it at home really I was always bumping into the sofa or wall or something haha, I would love to try hot yoga but I would like to do it when I have lost a little bit of weight don’t want to be rolling around haha! I have just purchased the 30 day shred DVD apparently that is meant to be good! So I will give that a bash..

        I have posted something about the 21 day habit rule, so yeah 17 days isn’t far off so that’s my aim! I have read someone did post it notes on the side of a mirror, 21 of them and got rid of them each day I think that might help me I would want to get rid of them asap haha! its just what works for someone I suppose!

      • Ohh it def has helped motivate me ! Every time I consider munching out well okay not every time but when I’m in a bit more control of myself haha , I have a look at before pics and that definitely helps!

        That’s awesome you have a personal trainer !! I had one years ago but I wasted that money and hard work no problem lol. Would show up to work out and he asked what I had for breakfast and I’d tell him “two hot dogs” lol.
        I started hot yoga at my heaviest 225.. Was hard at first but it’s cool once you continue to go you can really notice the changes taking place !! When you do try it let me know how it goes!! Everyone I introduce it to just love it so I am sure you would as well.
        That’s not a silly excuse! I actually use that excuse still here and there. My room gets messy and I already have limited space ahahha so no space makes perfect sense to me :).

        Is the 30 day shred through beachbody as well!? That’ll be excitin to start! I want to try t25 anything that says short work out good results gets me.

        Ohh I’ll have to look for that post! That post it note idea sounds pretty cool! Making it visible definitely helps!!

      • I think I will take a pic every month, my friend bought me a gorgeous scrapbook for my birthday I was gonna use that for keeping pics, quotes, thoughts and feelings etc.. She did that and it worked for her, can only try I suppose!

        Haha I only have one personal session with him every couple of weeks but he keeps me on track when I eventually get into a routine of going that is!

        I will defo try it, problem is where I live I don’t know anywhere that does it at all! I love yoga though, I used to be a dancer until I was 16 and loved all the flexibility work!

        30 day shread isn’t beachbody no, its someone called Gillian michaels, give it a search on google, apparently ‘Josie Gibson 30 second slim’ is a good one too its all high intensity interval work!

        Yes I am up for trying anything that works if im honest 2014 is going to be THE year for me! I know people say it all the time but I am so determined and all I want is to go shopping and not feel like a whale and enjoy nice clothes!

      • That’s a awesome idea! That’s what I was doing tonight πŸ™‚ I want to post the
        Motivational pictures on a poster board and hang it in my room. I think I’ll take a pic when I’m done haha good idea.

        Ohh that’s great you still get into see him every now and then. I’m thinking about if I should get one but I don’t think I can afford it.

        AHHH that’s tricky. I live In calgary so it is filled with different studios. Well when you get the chance and are ready give it a try πŸ™‚

        I’ll def have to google that! I am enjoying te at home work outs. It’s so hard to get my butt to the gym hahah but that’s the part of the lifestyle I guess.

        It sounds like you are in the perfect mind set for a change and a positive healthy lifestyle ! I was exactly the same! And still do struggle with my “bigger” girl attitude lol. 2014 will definitely be your year :))!

      • That’s a great idea! I want to see pics when it is done please!

        Luckily mine is free with my gym membership because I pay by DD so I can take it or leave it kind of thing! I just get emails when im not there like I haven’t seen you for a while eeek scary stuff haha!

        Yes its worth giving it a google search, think im gonna ask my partner for the Josie Gibson one for xmas to keep at his house haha!

        Thank you, speaking to you has been fab to know we are so alike in the mind set and goals we are tackling, be great to keep in touch and maybe motivate each other as much as possible throughout the year!

      • I will def post it when I’m finished for you to see!! That helps motivate me to do it. I got lazy and just cut the pics out but did do any glueing haha.

        Ah well there ya go! I wish that was included in my gym. Hah those emails do sound scary or un-fun anyways haha!

        That’s a good idea, make it accessible to work out no matter where you stay! It’s not something the two of you could do together hey ? It’s maybe geared towards females more? Lol!

        Same goes to you!! πŸ™‚ I think we can learn some new tips n tricks from eachother. And I’d love to help motivate anyway possible!! I’m pretty excited feels like I’m revved up to kick some
        Butt haha. πŸ™‚

      • Yey excited to see it, I might even post outtakes of my scrap book once I get going on it properly!

        Yes that’s my plan of action, I might even make him join in or I can do it when he is watching the football, he’s more into weights really but I think he would have a bash he is really supportive! he is training for a half marathon and just lost 2 stone so he is quite into it at the minute anyway just need to tell him cardio is good for him as well as weights! and maybe he can do some weights with me and teach me properly as I just use the machines at the gym!

        yes definitely think we can, I can use you as my inspiration seen as you are part way through your journey πŸ™‚ Im excited also, this convo has made me want to go to the gym! haha what is this effect your having on me!

      • Awesome!! I’d love to see what you put together also!! πŸ™‚

        That’s so awesome he is along side with you and supportive ! Makes it a bit easier!!! well a lot but it’s still tough! But support from your partner I think is so important. I hope to find someone I can share that with ! But later I’m too busy living for me at the moment hahah.

        That’s so awesome!!!!!!! That just makes me want to try even harder to be a positive help ! πŸ™‚ LOL it is funny that just a simple comment can stir up such motivation and support πŸ™‚ yay!

      • im not amazingly creative but ill see what I end up sticking a gluing and stuff into, no doubt be a lot from magazines in it and instagram posts haha!

        yeah im very grateful for it, and because he is training to be a chef I get lots of nice meals made for me and he is willing to cook for me whenever I like! which is a huge bonus! I don’t blame you for living for yourself if you wont who else will is all I can say, im still very independent and I can be selfish but I live for me also, I was single for 3 years before I met him and I have my own life as well as my life with him which is a good thing I reckon!

        as long as your helping yourself as well as inspiring others then your doing a great job, yes it is funny that that can happen, but this is why I started blogging in hope I would find people like yourself to share my experience with!

      • Me too!! You should try and find me on Instagram( dekay3 ) I think. I might have to check ! I post a bit much and lots random haha but it’s a mixture of everything!

        Wow!! A chef! That’s wicked hah now I should be finding me a guy that want to be a chef !! I respect that so much! Having independence with or with out a relationship! It’s so important to have πŸ™‚

        Oh me too! I’m
        Still soo new to blogging. I have to make it a goal to keep it up to date! I
        Kinda don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to this blogging stuff haha worth a try tho!!!’

      • I will add you to my personal account so if you have a random person follow you, its me! so much for remaining anonymous haha!

        yeah I am very new and to be honest always forget until I get a notification on my phone! I only joined because I saw someone else do it about the Cambridge diet on facebook I was like oooo hello ill give that a whirl haha so here I am!

      • Hahahah oh sorry lol didn’t even think of that. I post way too mch on there anways could probably put my whole life together if you wanted haha.

        I always liked writing and blogging seems like such a cool way to reach out! Surrounding your self with all the weight loss. Healthy living blogs really helps tho ! I find anyways πŸ™‚

      • it’s fine, nicer to speak to someone who has a face rather than a cartoon as their profile picture haha! I post a lot as well just random rubbish so if I bore you feel free to unfollow I wont be offended! haha

        I have never done it to be honest hopefully get into it properly and start to enjoy it, i always search hashtags on insta haha like #motivation or #weightloss and start following that sort of thing!

      • Haha I won’t unfollow lol! πŸ™‚ It is cool to put a face and a life to you! Haha !

        I just sit on Instagram and look at all these fit healthy girls and all these healthy recipes. Ohhhh I could do it for hours haha.

      • Lucky girl!! :)) I’m just startin my day now. But it’s all good just going to keep the end in sight haha πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ have a fabulous last four hours!

  4. This is me from No More Wobbly Bits! [my Gravatar is from my other main blog!] Thanks for following and joining in my journey. I am taking it as a percentage of total weight I want to lose, small 10% increments. And of course day by day and sometimes minute by minute.

  5. I go for health. You’ll see faster changes when you focus on healing the inside rather than just trying to improve the outside. Decrease process foods, increase fresh veggies, increase fruit, decrease seed oils, dump the sugar…. those are outstanding goals and will do wonders for the health of your body. Move. Every day, some kind of movement. You’ll see the outside change as the inside heals. Read, educate yourself. Some outstanding books: Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter, It Starts With Food by the Hartwigs. Learn to cook instead of depending on fast food. Learning to cook and create new, healthy recipes is a wonderful goal. Most of all, never give up. Never ever give up.

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