Happy Birthday to Me!

for the Sunday just gone, 08.12.2013.

Apologies for not blogging for a few days but I have been an extremely busy girl turning 23! The diet pretty much went out the window as of Sunday – Tuesday, It could have been worse though I suppose. I had my birthday meal on Sunday evening and had burritos (not a clue how much fat was in them but they were yummy, plus its my birthday I wanted to enjoy myself). My partner and I went to the lakes on Monday and ate out again, I had lasagne (again no idea how much fat was in it). Also had a fry up for breakfast yesterday and Chinese for tea. I only consumed one slice of cake though! So yeah it’s been pretty bad but I could of pigged out completely and gone off the rails much worse than I did!

Back to work today and not planned any meals so I don’t expect to have a great day today either but I have just under two weeks till Christmas and I intend to get sorted tomorrow and stick to it till Christmas day at least and then completely start a fresh as of new year 2014. I have picked a bad time to start all this dieting as I have so many birthdays and it is the festive season but I don’t intend to go absolutely mad when snacking/nibbling at Christmas like I normally would and put myself in a food coma for the rest of the day!

I will be weighing myself on Saturday morning and starting my orlistat tablets again as of tomorrow. I weighed myself on Friday 6.12.2012 and I had maintained at 18st 1.5 pounds, this week I am not holding out hope for any kind of loss but i’m just hoping i’m not back at my starting weight.


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