What happened at weekend?

Well as it happens I have maintained being strong and determined, I have had a very good weekend in more ways than one.. Firstly my eating habits are staying healthy and I have no cravings for chocolate/sweets/crisps etc & I am now on day 11 of not even touching anything of the sort. I have been at my partners and once again he has been hugely supportive cooking for me/preparing my food and telling me how amazingly strong I am being. I think its actually made us closer. We did go out for some food (all healthy as can be when choosing off a menu) as we were out all day Saturday walking and exploring Liverpool museums and the Christmas markets (yes, I refused to eat anything from them).

The other factor of my good weekend.. I weighed myself on my partners scales as his are apparently more accurate but when I stepped on them I did start to question it. As I stepped on the numbers flashed at 18st 0.5lbs; if these are accurate I have actually lost 12.5lbs in 10 or so days. It made me feel very good and motivated to see a difference.

I’m still taking the orlistat tablets religiously after every meal and still so far so good, no accidents or anything people keep warning me of but then again why should there be when i’m not eating junk.

This week it’s my birthday (Sunday 8th) I have a Christmas do on the 7th, my birthday meal on the 8th but I am not going to let this stop me in reaching my Christmas goal of 1 stone. I will be making another appointment at the doctors for a couple of weeks time before Christmas, when I get weighed there I am using them as my official weigh in’s. They will only be monthly but hopefully the weight will always be going in the right direction from now on.

12 thoughts on “What happened at weekend?

  1. Congrats on your success! Distraction is a good means to keep thoughts away from what you’ve cut out of your diet, as is focusing on what you’ve put in. If you can see your goals as milestones along a journey, this will keep you going strong. Losing the excess is gaining the success – you’re exchanging dis-ease for good health. All the best!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment! I’m feeling so much better already and I’m only a couple of weeks in, hope it keeps up! I’m not setting my goals properly as of yet as I know Christmas is going to be hard but I am going to carry on being as good as possible and setting to proper goals in the new year. Love that quote ‘losing the excess is gaining the success!’

  2. congrats! just googled orlistat. i’m skeptical about this kind of thing. just finished a bottle of HCA that didnt do anything. is it ok if i ask your starting weight? keep up the good work x

    • Never heard of HCA will have a look on Google now. Yeah it was 18stone 13lbs. I’m only on my second week so eager to see what next weeks outcome is! Thank you, wishing you the best with your weight loss also! Drop me a comment anytime x

  3. Great to know you are going well with your ongoing goals. Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog. I’ll be interested to follow your progress.

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