Day 6 & still going strong

Just thought I would keep you up to date on things, it’s halfway through day 6 and I can proudly say that a piece of chocolate, a sweet, a crisp or anything of the sort has passed my lips. I am being so strong I don’t actually know what has gotten into me.

I am enjoying trying random new snacks, like today I have prepared a snack tub that I brought to work with me and it includes chopped up raw celery and carrots, I have sat here snacking on it for the last 30 minutes and actually enjoyed every single bite. This time last week that snack would normally of been a pack of malteasers or some crisps.

Yesterday I got some exam results from uni and unfortunately I had failed by a couple of marks, normally I would turn to food. Not this time! I’m actually surprising myself with my power and determination that has all of a sudden took over me. I am feeling slightly tired the majority of the time but i’m hoping this will adjust itself soon, I always manage to fit my 7-8 hours of sleep in a night so that’s not a problem.

On the orlistat front, no problems so far! They have made me very conscious of what I eat I went to Tesco last night and found myself looking at the fat content on everything think my Dad was getting slightly bored by the end of the shopping trip but I came out with a trolley full of fresh, natural, non fatty foods. Still not yet weighed myself and won’t be doing till approximately Saturday I am hoping for a loss of some sort but slow and steady is fine by me.

2 thoughts on “Day 6 & still going strong

  1. I understand fully what you are going through! Our minds are our biggest enemy because the minute it fails us – then we pig out on stuff that we know for a fact is bad for us. This time I am so determined to drop this horrible weight permanently that I ended up going to a Dietician. She’s linked to a clinic where my blood glucose, cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure is taken and given a Vitamin B injection once a month. The beauty of this is that they monitor my health at all times while I slowly but surely drop this weight once and for all. I’ve tried weight watchers before, I’ve tried weighless before, I’ve tried tablets, I’ve tried injections and I’ve even tried eating for my blood type – but nothing helped. Somehow my mind kept on betraying me.

    With the dietician though – she worked out food specifically for my lifestyle, taste and workload (stress). She switched my eating habits completely around and I see her every week – so she STILL tweaks what I eat each time to make sure that everything that I report as a problem is handled immediately with the correct eating habits. The result is that I’m NEVER hungry – NEVER peckish and NEVER even have the urge to cheat because every single dietary requirement is catered for. Its nothing short of magic for me right now because this is the first time that I am not desperate for the chocolate in the store or the cake in the window.

    However… I need to stress though that if you are really serious about this weight loss – then YOU will know exactly what to do and what is the best route to follow. What ever you decide – I wish you loads of success and offer plenty of emotional support while you battle through all the mental demons that are going to attack you along the way.
    STAY STRONG AND STAY FOCUSSED – there is NO mountain that you cannot climb when you set your mind to it!

    Good luck!
    From a sunny and beautiful South Africa.

    • Wow thank you for you comment very inspiring! Sounds like you are in the right track too and the more people I correspond with that are in the same boat the better in my eyes. I wish you the best of luck with you weight loss and I am determined, I am 22 and want to live the life of a 22 year old and be as healthy as possible!

      I think seeking expert advice is the best thing I have ever done to motivate me.

      You know where I am if you ever want to chat! From a not so sunny England 😦

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