Hump day thoughts and feelings..

So it’s Wednesday, nearly a whole week since I started this blogging stuff and if i’m completely honest i’m finding it amazing, the support and advice from other people is fabulous.. KEEP IT COMING! My problem with overeating and under exercising isn’t solved and is a very long way off being solved but i’m taking baby steps and every step is a step in the right direction, it’s keeping me positive and i’m always reading other blogs to know i’m not the only one facing this challenge and it keeps me determined and inspired. Thank you for that bloggers.. keep up the good work.

It is another week till my doctors appointment about my weight gain and it cannot come quick enough, yes I have mixed feelings such as nerves, scared, excited but everyone I have spoke to about it including people on here are saying it is a great thing to do, hopefully it will work for me and educate me like it has done other people. So the countdown is on just another 7 days till I am in expert hands!

My thoughts of the day are that losing weight is possibly THE HARDEST thing I have ever had to do, I have been fighting with it since 2009 and my weight fluctuates for fun, this can’t be good for my health but being the biggest I have ever been I needed to take a new and safe approach instead of feeding myself slimming tablets or another extreme silly diet. I was talking to my friend on Sunday when we were shopping she also has weight problems and we are similar in that respect and she said she thinks she has an addiction to food, after she mentioned this I have also thought this could be the case with myself. Is this an actual condition?

I hate to make excuses etc but weight loss isn’t my only concern in life at the moment, I am studying as well as working full time and also have my own house and car to run, the only thing I am missing is children which is quite rare in these parts of the UK if you are over 22! I have an exam Thursday and all I have wanted to do whilst revising is stuff my face until I burst. Apparently when reading up on stress it actually makes you put on weight rather than lose it, I always thought it was the other way round until recently, and then having a disagreement with my partner last night about how stressed I actually am and his words I quote ‘you are so over the top sometimes I don’t know what to say to you’ made me realise maybe I do need to chill out a bit but maybe not to his extent where I am so laid back i’m practically horizontal! I feel like I’m taking on the world right now, but I have never been more determined than I am right now than to lose this horrible fat!

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